How much is it to get into RHS Worsley?

Admission prices

RHS members and guests (1 adult guest or up to 2 children) Free
Adults £12.65* incl Gift Aid
Children 5–16 years £6.35* incl Gift Aid
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children) £30.25* incl Gift Aid
Additional child (Family ticket) £5.35* incl Gift Aid

How long does it take to go around RHS Bridgewater?

2.5 hours
Please allow 2.5 hours on site at RHS Garden Bridgewater – 90 minutes for your guided tour and additional time to enjoy the accompanying exhibition.

Who owns Bridgewater estate?

Peel Holdings group company
Bridgewater Estates Ltd was subsequently purchased by a Peel Holdings group company in 1984 – at that time it had a land portfolio of approximately 12,000 acres located mainly in and around the Manchester and Salford conurbations.

Who owned Bridgewater before RHS?

The site, which was once home to the third Duke of Bridgewater, and adjoins the historic Bridgewater Canal, is a beautiful green space for the local community and visitors to enjoy all year-round. Its development, from 2016 until opening in 2021, was the biggest project of its kind in Europe.

How much is the entry fee to RHS Bridgewater?

How much is the entrance fee to RHS Bridgewater?

Is parking free at RHS Bridgewater?

RHS Garden Bridgewater is located off Leigh Road (A572), Worsley, Salford, about 9 miles / 30-minute drive from Manchester city centre. Car parking is free.

What happened to Worsley New Hall?

During the early 20th century the hall fell into disrepair. Weakened by dry rot and following a fire in 1943, this once-grand building was finally demolished by a scrap merchant, who had bought it for just £2,500. By 1949, after a century of heritage, the hall became part of the Salford’s historic past.

How much does it cost to enter RHS Bridgewater?

Do National Trust members get discount at RHS?

RHS members must book tickets, but members tickets will be free. National Trust members can turn up with their card.

What gardens does RHS membership include?

At RHS Gardens

  • Indulge your senses with glorious days out to the five RHS Gardens: Wisley, Rosemoor, Hyde Hall, Harlow Carr and Bridgewater, and bring a family guest free*
  • Explore more than 200 delightful RHS Partner Gardens** in the UK and overseas for free during selected periods.

Who is the architect of the Worsley welcome garden?

Designed by landscape architect Tom Stuart-Smith, the maze-like layout of the Worsley Welcome Garden resembles an abstract mosaic and gives the impression of a giraffe’s markings or mathematical Voronoi diagram when viewed from above.

Is the new garden at the RHS worth a visit?

It was enjoyable to see this new garden at such an early stage. it is very early days, but over time it will grow and gain character. In the meantime the RHS need to give serious attention to other aspects of the visitor experience.

What is RHS Garden Bridgewater?

Reviving the gardens of the historic 156 acre Worsley New Hall estate to create RHS Garden Bridgewater represents one of the largest gardening projects in Europe at this time.

What is RHS Garden Bridgewater’s Christmas Glow Evening?

This is exclusively about their Christmas GLOW evening that according to their website is “An evening of enchantment. Follow the twinkling trail around the garden and discover RHS Garden Bridgewater transformed as spectacular illuminations light up the night.” It is none of this.

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