How long does the UC Davis waitlist take?

Typically, students have seven days to accept our offer. Since we cannot admit more students than we can support, it may take several weeks to exhaust admission offers to waitlisted students.

What are the chances of getting off UC Davis waitlist?

06 Apr Class of 2020 Waitlist Admission Rates and Notification Dates

Institution Waitlist Offered Admit Rate
Tulane 3,413 0%
UC Davis 9,033 74%
UC Irvine 7,361 3%
UC Riverside 6,231 74%

When should I send a waitlist email?

Q: When should I send my Waitlist Letter? A: As soon as possible. Preferably within a week or two of receiving notice that you were waitlisted. Do not delay.

How does waitlist work for UC Davis?

If a class is full, students can place themselves on a waitlist using Schedule Builder during their Pass One registration appointment time. The waitlist process runs through the 12th day of instruction. Note that not all courses have waitlists and some courses only have a waitlist during Pass Two.

How does the UC waitlist work?

Applicants are notified, at decision time, that they are being offered the chance to be added to a UC waitlist. If you are offered a spot on the waitlist you have until April 15th to accept the spot. The UC waitlist is NOT ranked by the speed with which you respond, so respond thoughtfully and carefully.

What do I write for UC Davis waitlist?

UC Davis Waitlist Question: “Please briefly tell us why you feel UC Davis is the right place for you to continue your education. Please limit your response to 200 words. Note that you will only be able to submit your essay once, so please review it carefully before submitting.” The waitlist question can be scary here.

Will I get into a Waitlisted class UC Davis?

It is possible to get in the class if you are waitlisted, but it can’t be guaranteed because it depends on students dropping. Usually there are around 10+ spots that open up each quarter.

What should I do if I’m waitlisted?

Here’s what you can do to boost your chances of being accepted.

  1. Get a sense of your chances of admission.
  2. Write a letter to the admission office.
  3. Study hard.
  4. Stay involved.
  5. Request another (or a first) interview.
  6. Realize that you’ve already achieved something.
  7. Reconsider the colleges that accepted you.

How do I get on the waitlist at UC Davis?

To accept our offer of a spot on the waitlist, students can login to MyAdmissions and tell us (in 200 words or less) why they want to be a UC Davis Aggie. No letters of recommendation, transcripts or other documents are needed. We simply want to know what UC Davis means to them and how UCD might fit into their future.

What is the UC Davis academic dates and deadlines calendar?

The UC Davis Academic Dates and Deadlines Calendars provide information related to important dates and deadlines pertaining to registration pass times, fee deadlines, and important term dates. Dates and times subject to change without notice.

What are the registration appointment times at UC Davis?

Registration appointment times available on Schedule Builder and myucdavis. Pass One, Appointments; continuing students. Students with holds are denied access to registration. Open Registration; continuing students. Weekdays 6:00 a.m.–midnight.

When does the waitlist start and end?

During the academic terms, waitlists begin during Pass One registration appointments and end after the last day to add classes, the 12th day of instruction. Summer terms and some professional schools have different waitlist periods.

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