Who were Longtails parents?


How many moons is longtail?

If Longtail did graduate around the time most warriors did, that would put him at 14 moons, (1 year and two months). Now in order to figure out Darkstripe’s age, we need to look at how old Willowpelt is. According to Bluestar’s Prophecy, she was born alongside Redtail and Spottedleaf.

Who was Swiftpaw’s mentor?

Swiftpaw goes out on patrol with Bluestar, Fireheart, Cloudpaw, and his mentor, Longtail.

Who were Brighthearts kits?

Brightheart’s mate, Cloudtail, rekindled her broken spirit, and they had two litters of kits, Whitekit, and Snowkit, Dewkit, and Amberkit. Brightheart briefly mentored Jayfeather before he decided to train as a medicine cat and later fostered Lilyheart and Seedpaw after their mother was killed in battle.

Who are Berrynose and Poppyfrost kits?

After becoming a warrior, Berrynose grew close to Honeyfern, and was devastated when she died. He fell in love with her sister, Poppyfrost, and became her mate, having two kits Molekit and Cherrykit, being fiercely protective of his family.

How did Scourge get teeth on his collar?

After a run-in with Tigerpaw that nearly killed him, Tiny fled to the Twolegplace. He attempted to break free of his collar with a dog’s tooth, which became embedded in his collar and resulted in him lying about killing a dog to gain the respect of the Twolegplace cats.

Who Willowpelts siblings?

Willowpelt was a ThunderClan warrior who has served under Sunstar’s, Bluestar’s, and Firestar’s leaderships in the forest territories. She was born as Willowkit to Swiftbreeze and Adderfang alongside her siblings, Spottedkit and Redkit.

How does longtail break the warrior code in Animal Crossing?

Despite managing to catch a squirrel, Longtail breaks the warrior code by allowing Darkstripe to convince him to eat their prey, rather than saving it for the elders. Because of this, an elder named Poppydawn is unable to fight her sickness and dies.

Why does longtail feel pity for the injured warrior?

He reflects on the injured warrior, feeling pity for him and remembering that the pale tabby had been the one who challenged him when he first joined the Clan. He also remembers Tigerclaw, and how Longtail had realised his true loyalties to the Clan when the former deputy’s plan had been revealed.

Is Longtail a kittypet?

Fireheart recalls Longtail did not do the same for him, as Fireheart joined the Clan as a kittypet and not a Clan born cat. He is seen occasionally on guard duty and on different patrols, and he guards Bluestar’s den while she was ill with greencough.

What happened to longtail in HGSS?

However, Longtail is blinded while hunting a rabbit that turned on him and scratched his eyes, rendering him unable to to hunt or fight properly. This causes him to fall into a depression and becomes an elder despite being relatively young, while Sootpaw is given Thornclaw as a replacement mentor.

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