Does Resident Evil 1 have multiple endings?

Bad Ending (Jill 1) [note 1] is a cutscene in Resident Evil, one of eight possible endings to the game. It is played if Barry Burton was lost at some point but Chris Redfield was freed.

Do you need the survival knife in Resident Evil?

The survival knife is the most basic weapon in the game. It seems to be stainless-steel with serration on the backside of the blade as well as a rubber grip. Both Chris and Jill start with it. It should only be used as a last resort as it’s very weak and notoriously difficult to use without being attacked.

What happens if you don’t give Barry the gun?

Ending Four Don’t give Barry his gun back, and let him die at the hands of Lisa. You must, however, save Chris. Barry’s early death will lead to a different approach to the final boss battle, which will in turn unlock a different ending.

How many endings are in Resident Evil?

two different endings
The game has a total of two different endings. In the end, the players are left with an option to use the dose that cures the virus on either Ethan’s wife, Mia or Zoe. Resident Evil 7 true ending only gets triggered if the serum is given to Mia.

Is the knife useless in Resident Evil 1?

The knife is the weakest weapon in the game and shouldn’t be used to take on enemies directly. It’s best for the very beginning of the game when player starts with nearly no ammunition. The knife can be stored in the item box once the player reaches the first save room.

Should I save Zoe or Mia?

If you choose Zoe, both she and Mia die. If you choose Mia, not only does she live and escape, but Zoe’s story is set up for the End of Zoe DLC. In End of Zoe, in spite of what the name suggests, Zoe lives and is saved by her heretofore-unmentioned Uncle Joe.

Is Chris or Jill easier?

Jill’s playthrough is easier on an inherent level thanks to Barry and a reduced amount of backtracking, but players really cannot afford to take too much damage when playing as Jill over Chris.

Should you play as Chris or Jill in Resident Evil?

Chris is faster & has more health, but Jill has more pocket space and better weapon variety. Chris’ arc also places a greater emphasis on Wesker, the game’s chief antagonist, while featuring Rebecca Chambers as a key player.

Do Leon and Krauser have the same knife?

Appears in After Ada Wong saves Leon from Krauser by shooting his (Krauser’s) knife from his hand, Leon keeps it, and Krauser replaces it with an identical one. After finding Ada captured by Saddler, Leon uses Krauser’s knife to cut Ada down.

Should I use the serum on MIA or Zoe?

Can you play as Jill Valentine in Resident Evil HD remaster?

This complete Walkthrough guides you through every step and location of Resident Evil HD Remaster. You can choose to play as either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine. Most of the game is the same but there are some differences.

How do you get the herbicide in Resident Evil Revelations 2?

Grab the Handgun Magazine and the First Aid Spray left by Wesker, deposit the Wind Crest, Shotgun, and First Aid Spray in the box, and take out the Herbicide. Now is a good time to save, so go ahead and do that if you wish. Leave, run past the zombie, and head back upstairs.

How do you get the Golden Arrowhead in Resident Evil 2?

Turn left and head down the staircase to the central landing, then through the door heading into the Backyard. Go down and around the steps. Go around the approaching zombie as you turn left and head up the narrow passage. Examine the Golden Arrow in your inventory to get the arrowhead.

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