Are Teamsters going on strike 2021?

TEAMSTERS END REPUBLIC SERVICES STRIKE IN ORANGE COUNTY, NEW STRIKE BEGINS FOR MORE THAN 250 REPUBLIC WORKERS IN SAN DIEGO. WASHINGTON, Dec. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — More than 450 sanitation workers at Republic Services’ waste hauling yards in Anaheim and Huntington Beach, Calif.

Will Teamsters cross picket line?

So if workers from Company A are on strike, workers from Company B can generally refuse to cross picket lines set up outside Company A, unless their union contract says otherwise. This is a general rule.

Did Teamsters go on strike?

Over the weekend, Carhaul Teamsters covered under the National Master Automobile Transporters Agreement (NMATA) voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike in the event no agreement is reached before June 1. “This overwhelming vote sends a clear message to the employers. They know we are serious.

What are the Teamsters striking about?

The workers are all members of Teamsters Local 174, and are on strike in protest of the six Companies’ refusal to bargain in good faith. The contracts have been expired since July 31, 2021. With the holidays in the rearview mirror, the struggle for a fair contract has taken on even greater importance.

Why are Teamsters 174 on strike?

The Unfair Labor Practice strike began after contract negotiations fell apart, with the group of Employers – led by chief negotiator Charlie Oliver (Gary Merlino Construction) – failing to bargain in good faith with Teamsters Local 174.

Why are the concrete drivers on strike?

The workers were all local members and were on strike to protest the companies’ “refusal to bargain in good faith” after a contract expired on July 31. Gery Merlino Construction did not respond to requests for comment. Founded in 1909, Teamsters Local 174 represents 8,600 workers in the Seattle area.

Are Seattle concrete workers still on strike?

The union’s Seattle chapter ended its five-month strike for higher wages and better healthcare benefits for recent retirees, saying about 330 ready-mixed concrete truck drivers would go back to work Monday.

Did the concrete strike end?

The monthslong concrete drivers strike has ended. Teamsters Local 174 announced Friday that its 300-plus ready-mix truckers and support staff would offer an unconditional return to work, starting Monday.

Has the concrete strike ended in Seattle?

Emergency repairs to the West Seattle Bridge had been impacted by strike, but concrete drivers worked out a separate agreement to supply the project in March.

Why is there a concrete strike in Seattle?

A gathering storm In November, 34 workers walked off the job in protest of unfair labor practices by Stoneway Concrete, part of the larger Gary Merlino Construction. Within a month, the number on the picket line swelled to 330 as other concrete truck drivers and support staff from Teamsters Local 174 joined.

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