What is the story behind Pinball Wizard?

“Pinball Wizard” is about life’s games, playing the machine – the boy and his machine, the disciples with theirs, the scores, results, colours, vibrations and action.”

Why did the Who wrote Pinball Wizard?

Knowing Cohn was an avid pinball fan, Townshend suggested that Tommy would play pinball, and Cohn immediately declared Tommy to be a masterpiece. The song “Pinball Wizard” was written and recorded almost immediately.

What did Elton John have to do with Pinball Wizard?

Some rock standards should never be remade, but others lend themselves brilliantly to another distinctive treatment. So it was when Elton John was persuaded by director Ken Russell, after his initial refusal, to play the role of the Pinball Wizard in the 1975 film adaptation of Pete Townshend’s Tommy.

Is Tommy an autobiographical?

“In as much as ‘Tommy’ is autobiographical, I now know what really happened,” says Townshend. “It’s definitely the father who survives. It’s definitely the father who usurps the lover. The father destroys the lover and stabilizes life again.

Is Pinball Wizard true?

Featured on the 1969 rock opera album Tommy, “Pinball Wizard”‘s iconic acoustic introduction was inspired by a master. According to legend (and the gurus at wikipedia): In late 1968 or early 1969, when the Who played a rough assembly of their new album to critic Nik Cohn, Cohn gave a lukewarm reaction.

Did Tommyinnit release?

Tommyinnit released alongside Chris Ramsay on November 17th, 2020. The figure sold out in 13 hours.

What movie is Pinball Wizard in?

Tommy (1975)
Tommy (1975), the deaf, dumb and blind kid who becomes a pinball wizard in Ken Russell’s interpretation of The Who’s rock opera.

Is Pinball Wizard from a musical?

The musical adaptation of the Who’s 1969 rock opera about a deaf, dumb, and blind pinball wizard premiered on Broadway in 1993 and closed two years later after 889 performances.

How does Tommy end the Who?

Tommy, in horror, stops the show and tends to Sally. He says he has had enough and decides to go home. Realizing how caught up in celebrity he has become, Tommy wishes to do something in return for his fans and invites them all back to his house (“Welcome”).

Where was Pinball Wizard filmed?

The Pinball Wizard sequence was shot at the Kings Theatre in Southsea and the two pinball machines used were a 1965 Kings & Queens by Gottlieb—used by Roger Daltrey—and a Gottlieb Buckaroo also from 1965, used by Elton John.

How old was Ann-Margret in Tommy?

20 years
“That made the character of the mother in ‘Tommy’ so interesting. She ages 20 years in the movie, from 20 to 40, and a lot of the time, she’s not very glamorous.

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