What has 42 protons and 53 neutrons?

Molybdenum-95 is composed of 42 protons, 53 neutrons, and 42 electrons.

What element has 42 protons and 52 neutrons?

Chemistry in its element: molybdenum And 42, as every Mendeleev fan knows, is the atomic number of molybdenum.

How many protons neutrons and electrons are in an atom of potassium which has an Atomic Number of 19 and a mass number of 39?

1 Answer. 19 protons, 20 neutrons and 18 electrons.

What has 42 protons and electrons?

So if molybdenum has 42 protons and 42 electrons, then why is the atomic mass (composed of only protons and neutrons as we said before) 95.94 instead of (42 protons + 42 electrons = ) 84?

What is molybdenum made of?

Molybdenum is a silver-gray metal that is usually extracted as a by-product of copper and tungsten mining.

What is the number of protons in potassium?

19Potassium / Atomic number

What is the mass number of potassium?

39.0983 uPotassium / Atomic mass

What is the total number of neutrons in an atom of K 42?

23 neutrons

Answer Explanation
2 Definition transmutation
1 Catalyst lowers the activation energy
1 Potassium has 19 protons always 42-19=23 neutrons
1 A Copper ATOM has 29 electrons but it is an ion here so 28.

How many protons electrons and neutrons are in potassium 41?

Potassium-41 is composed of 19 protons, 22 neutrons, and 19 electrons.

Does tungsten have an odor?

Appearance and Odor: Yellow to yellow green powder or pieces, no odor. Extinguishing Media: Use suitable extinguishing agent for surrounding material and type of fire.

How many neutrons are in K?

Atomic Structure of Potassium. The nucleus is made up of 19 protons and 21 neutrons.

How many protons are in K?

How many protons are in the nucleus of an atom of potassium 42?

Potassium-42 is a radioactive isotope that contains 23 neutrons and 19 protons.

How many valence electrons are in an atom of K 42?

K is the symbol for potassium, and the number of valence electron can be found through its’ group on the periodic table. Hence, it has one valence electron.

How many neutrons are in K 41?

Potassium-41 – It has 19 protons and atomic mass is 41. Hence, number of neutrons is 41 – 19 which is 22.

How many electrons does potassium-41?

What is the correct symbol for the atom with 42 protons and 49 neutrons?

Molybdenum is a chemical element with symbol Mo and atomic number 42.

Is tungsten poisonous?

Tungsten has been the subject of numerous in vivo experimental and in vitro studies in view of determining its metabolic and toxicity profile. However, tungsten and its compounds are not considered very toxic for humans. Most existing human toxicology information comes from chronic occupational exposure.

How many protons and neutrons are in a potassium 42 atom?

Each potassium atom contains 19 protons p+ and thus an average potassium atom contains about 39.10 − 19 ≈ 20 neutrons n0. This particular isotope of potassium-42 contains 42 nucleons (i.e., protons and neutrons, combined;) Like other isotopes of potassium 19 out of these nucleons are protons; the rest 42 −19 = 23 are therefore neutrons.

What is the common compound of potassium and proton?

Common compound of potassium is potassium chloride, which is a metal halide salt composed of potassium and chlorine. KCl is used as a fertilizer, in medicine, in scientific applications, and in food processing, where it may be known as E number additive E508. A proton is one of the subatomic particles that make up matter.

What element has 48 protons and 48 neutrons and 53 electrons?

Cadmium has 48 protons, 64 neutrons and 48 electrons: 49: Indium has 49 protons, 66 neutrons and 49 electrons: 50: Tin has 50 protons, 69 neutrons and 50 electrons: 51: Antimony has 51 protons, 71 neutrons and 51 electrons: 52: Tellurium has 52 protons, 76 neutrons and 52 electrons: 53: Iodine has 53 protons, 74 neutrons and 53 electrons: 54

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