Who owns CNN Espanol?

Warner Bros. Discovery
CNN en Español (stylized as CN͠N) is a Pan-American Spanish-language news channel, owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. It was launched on pay television, on 17 March 1997.

Where is CNN Espanol?

CNN Espanol is a higher education company based out of 12000 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, Florida, United States.

Does CNN have a Spanish channel?

CNN en Español is CNN’s 24-hour Spanish language television and radio news channel which broadcasts to the United States of America and Latin America.

What channel is CNN en Español on spectrum?

What channel is CNN on Spectrum?

Channel Name New York, Albany, Minnesota, Rochester Area
CNN 46 69
CNN en Espanol 834 243
CNN HD 752

Does YouTube TV have CNN en Español?

Can I watch CNN En Español with YouTube TV? YouTube TV does not offer CNN En Español with the streaming service.

Does YouTube TV have CNN in Spanish?

Spanish Plan subscribers gain access to over 28 channels (all of which you can view on this page), including ESPN Deportes, Fox Deportes, CNN Español, and Discovery en Español.

Does spectrum TV have Spanish channels?

Spectrum offers 75+ Spanish-language channels. Enjoy the best programming from Mexico, Latin America and Spain, plus channels like Univision, Telemundo, UniMás and Estrella TV. Get premium Spanish-language movies, interviews and exclusive extra footage with Cine Latino.

Why are some of my Spectrum channels in Spanish?

Major television networks usually broadcast their channels in two languages, Spanish and English. Spectrum TV channels are normally programmed to air in the English language but if you are watching channels with Spanish audio, then you might have changed the settings unknowingly or accidentally.

Is there a Spanish package for YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is rolling out two new Spanish-language offerings: Spanish Plan and Spanish Plus. While the $34.99 / month standalone Spanish Plan provides access to an all-Spanish lineup of channels on YouTube TV, Spanish Plus is a $14.99 / month add-on for users already subscribed to the YouTube TV Base Plan.

Does YouTube TV have a Latino package?

How do I get Spanish TV on YouTube?

The Spanish Plus option is an add-on for YouTube TV members who want to include Spanish-language content in their lineup. It runs $15 a month and provides access to more than 25 channels. For a limited time, Spanish Plus is available for $10 a month for new users.

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