What lures to use for pike in the fall?

“Now when targeting fall pike, I often use 3- to 4-inch crankbaits such as Rapala DT 14s, Spro Little Johns, and Lindy Shadlings,” he says. “I also use lipless baits, such as XCalibur XR50s, along with swimbaits, bladebaits, and jig and Gulp!

Where are muskies in late fall?

Often, you will find muskies either along the deep weed edge or on the hard-bottom lip outside of the weeds. On some waters you will have another edge or drop-off slightly deeper than the weeds that break into the basin.

What do pike like in the fall?

As far as baits are concerned, for fall pike fishing I like to use large shiny or action heavy fishing baits. If the weeds are dense and tall, then a tandem spinner bait or weedless spoon should be your go to tackle. In sparse weeds, try hot colored jerk baits or swim baits.

How do you catch a northern pike in October?

In the fall, those baitfish that the pike were feeding on over deep water have moved shallow to spawn. They spawn on gravel or sand shallows that are close to deep water. If you want to catch big pike, you need to find where the baitfish are spawning. By the way, walleyes and muskies will be in the same areas.

Is pike fishing good in October?

The month of September and on into October is the absolute best time to hunt huge pike. These fish are putting on the feed bag before freeze up and they get supercharged. Get an overcast day with a light chop and you’ve hit dream conditions.

How do you catch pike in November?

You’ll want to throw big baits for big pike. It’s really tough to beat a Bionic Bucktail Spinner, an in-line spinner, or a Bionic Bucktail Spinnerbait, a spinnerbait with an overhead blade. Both are magnum sized baits that appeal to magnum sized pike(and muskies).

Do pike bite in October?

Pike fishing is so good in fall because of the movements of baitfish, and these smaller fish are going through spawn in autumn. During summer, they’re out in the deeper water, often suspended and not relating to anything other than water temperatures.

Are pike active in November?

Anglers can catch lots of small northern pike throughout the year, but oftentimes the truly big ones are hard to find. October and early November can be a great period of time to catch northern pike that qualify as trophies.

Where are muskie in the fall?

Muskie will also move towards points, submerged islands and other shallow water in search of warmer water and prey. Locate baitfish schools. Baitfish can be found suspending over main lake structures or humps, around points or oxygen-producing vegetation—it’s basically buffet grounds for predators.

Where do muskies go in the winter?

In winter, there are two distinct populations of muskies in reservoirs — those located in large, deep, open basin areas and those that spend the winter in mid-depths adjacent to spawning grounds.

Where are muskies in the winter?

Areas adjacent to spawning grounds in mid-depths can be broken down as creek arms, breaks adjacent to main lake flats, and deep timber flats. The most productive areas during winter are complex creek arms with standing timber, laydowns, and sufficient depth of 20 feet or more.

How do you catch a muskie in the winter?

Fall and winter are prime times to fish for Southern muskies. As the water chills, muskies suspending in cavernous reservoirs or holding in dark river holes move shallower and feed more aggressively. It can’t get too cold for these beasts — they’re highly catchable in Dixie all winter long.

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