What is Australian hay made from?

The state produces approximately 48% of the exported hay in the country. One of the most common hays produced in the region is oaten hay. Oaten hay grows best in medium to high rainfall areas of the wheatbelt, with the main production areas being Moora, York, Narrogin, and Wagin.

What is oaten hay made from?

water. Oaten Hay is grown in the southern regions of Australia that are characterised by modest winter rainfall and long, dry and hot summers. Oats grown in these regions tend to produce high feed value crops which are very palatable to the cow. Chemical and fertiliser inputs into crops are low by world standards.

What is in oaten hay?

Oat hay is a reasonable forage for mature horses. It is made from oats and, depending on the stage of maturity at harvest, the hay may be a very good source of digestible energy; however, if it was very mature at harvest and most of the grain has shattered and is gone, the feeding value will be reduced.

Is oaten hay sweet?

Premium Oaten hay is generally light green, has a soft in texture, sweet taste and highly palatable for all ages of beef and dairy cattle and horses.

What is oaten hay used for?

Oaten hay (Avena Sativa) is an annual grass cereal, primarily used as a fibre source for livestock. Traded internationally as a feed source since the mid 1980’s, it has a reputation for being productive, reliable and safe. Qualities unique to oaten hay include: Highly digestible fibre.

What does oaten hay look like?

Oaten hay by its nature does look more dried out and brown than other green hays like lucerne. Some people do get a shock seeing oaten hay for the first time when they are used to seeing lush green lucerne hay.

Is oaten hay high in sugar?

Oaten / Wheaten hay known for being the ‘candy’ of hays. It is high in sugar + starch and is NOT recommended as a safe feed insulin resistant/laminitic prone horses.

Do horses like oaten hay?

Oaten hay is the most common cereal hay fed. Barley or wheaten hay can also be fed to horses and if well-made can have a similar value to oaten hay.

What hay is best for horses Australia?

Grass hays are popular in Australia and generally contain a mixture of grass species. Grass hays can be high in energy and protein, but are generally not as high as legumes. In addition, poorly made or more fibrous grass hay is often not as palatable for horses.

Is oat hay OK for horses?

You can feed oat hay, but feed it to mature horses and make sure nitrate levels are at acceptable levels. Oat hay is not a commonly fed hay but can be an effective hay for older horses. The oat hay needs to be harvested in the soft dough stage when the leaves and stems are still green.

Can Oaten cause laminitis?

A thorough physical examination will rule in/out any underlying conditions that can contribute to/cause laminitis, and these conditions will need specific treatment other than dietary. Once the cause has been determined a dietary plan can be implemented. Avoid ryegrass hay, oaten, wheaten or barley hay AND chaff!

Is oaten hay OK for horses?

Oat is a cereal crop and oaten hay is considered as a reasonable fodder option for horses. This is a premium quality full-flavored hay with high fiber content and is a good source of digestible energy depending on the stage of maturity at harvest.

Does oat hay make horses fat?

“The higher fiber content reduces the calorie content of the feed which has given the oat the reputation of being a slightly safer feed for horses,” he added. It takes a larger ration of oats than corn for a horse to receive the same number of calories per feeding.

Is oat hay better than alfalfa?

Oat Hay Analysis (average) As you can see, alfalfa hay has much higher protein levels than the other two hays, but is also lower in fiber than the other two. Oat hay, however, has much higher levels of non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) which are the levels of sugar and starch in the hay.

Is oaten hay good for horses?

Why buy Australian oaten hay?

Australian Oaten Hay Australian oaten hay is highly demanded by the global market as a reliable, high quality fodder that meets animal production requirements. The hay provided to customers is specially selected to conform to the quality and safety requirements as specified by the customer.  All products supplied are ARGT and feed value tested.

What is Hay Australia products?

Hay Australia Products Home Page// Export Product// Hay Australia Products Australian Oaten Hay Australian oaten hay is highly demanded by the global market as a reliable, high quality fodder that meets animal production requirements.

What is Australian wheaten hay?

Australian Wheaten Hay is an opportunity source of digestible fibre created due to seasonal conditions which is favourable for dairy and beef cattle. The unique quality of Balco Australia Wheaten Hay as a conserved fibre source delivers consistent performance for international farmers.

What size is hay oaten hay?

Hay Oaten Premium Australian grown oaten hay suitable for all your farm animals, including rabbits and horses. Approx 110cm X 60cm X 50cm

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