What is a hidden door called?

Jib doors provide a camouflage entrance to “secret” rooms. Unlike regular doors, these hidden doors don’t have any visible casing, framing, or hardware. Removing these features allows the jib door to stand flush with the wall.

What is a Murphy door used for?

Murphy doors have been used for many purposes. Often, a Murphy door replaces a closet door, creating a hidden storage area. But you can also install a Murphy door to hid entry to a section of the building, like hiding stairwell entries or the entry to private hallways.

Can I build a secret room in my house?

A hidden space can be placed anywhere in your home, whether it is behind a bookcase, under a staircase or even behind a blank wall. This is something possible regardless of the size of your home. Best of all, you can turn it into whatever you want.

What is a secret door?

Secret doors have been installed as a luxurious feature for thousands of years. Though in modern times we often think of them in whimsical terms due to their frequent dramatization in movies, their historical ubiquity is in fact due to their highly effective security benefits.

What are some of the most fascinating secret doors?

Some of the most fascinating secret doors can be found in the intricate passageway systems of ancient Egyptian pyramids. Pyramids served as an ostentatious memorial of the Pharaoh. As a result they were an obvious target for thieves.

Is it cost effective to build a secret door?

Or, see more detailed secret door comparison information. We’ve spent the last 12 years exclusively specializing in secret doors such as hidden bookcase doors, and we can can confidently say that it is not cost effective to build a secret door from scratch – there are too many problems to run in to.

How long do secret doors last?

After over a decade of work around the globe we’ve created the hardware and specially engineered plans to provide a seamless secret door, built to last for decades. A cabinet maker may offer to build your secret door, having done something “like it” in the past – but you’ll almost always be disappointed by the result or the cost.

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