What happened to Scarlette Pomers?

Scarlett Pomers (Kyra Hart) Pomers, who sought treatment for anorexia during her time on the show, retired from acting after wrapping Reba. She has since become a photographer.

Why did Kyra leave Reba for a season?

Scarlett Pomers (Kyra) went into treatment for an eating disorder, and therefore only appeared in two episodes of season five. When she returned in season six, jokes were made about Kyra’s absence, such as Van asking where she has been, to which Kyra replied, “I went to get something to eat.”

Did they change Kyra in Reba?

Kyra is absent for most of the fifth season due to her actress Scarlett Pomers having a real-life battle with Anorexia.

How old is Scarlett Pomers now?

33 years (November 28, 1988)Scarlett Pomers / Age

Why does Kyra from Reba walk with a limp?

However, the actress dropped down to a reported 73 lbs. due to suffering from anorexia. Throughout the majority of filming Season 5, Pomers headed to a treatment facility in order to rectify her health issues. As a result, she only appeared in two episodes in the show’s fifth season.

What happened to Cheyenne on Reba?

JoAnna Garcia Swisher (Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery) Nowadays, she’s playing Maddie Townshend, one of the three friends at the heart of the Netflix romantic drama Sweet Magnolias.

How old is Naomi Wildman?

Commander Naomi Wildman, age 37.

How long was Ensign Wildman pregnant?

Though initially reluctant, Biller took Taylor’s offer for the “opportunity to write television that was about something.” Taylor and Biller conceded that it was UPN’s holding back of the episode until the second season that resulted in Ensign Wildman’s strange gestation period of seven or eight months.

Why did Van shave his head on Reba?

Van announces that he is going to shave his head to show team unity, and Cheyenne tells him not to.To make money for Kyra’s college fund, Reba and Barbra Jean start making and selling patch work shirts. Van announces that he is going to shave his head to show team unity, and Cheyenne tells him not to.

How old is Naomi in Voyager?

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