What did Johnny use as his weapon outsiders?

The switchblade is a weapon that features prominently in The Outsiders. It consists of a sharp metal blade and a switch handle that unfolds the blade from the handle, allowing for a very compact and concealable knife. Johnny Cade’s switchblade.

Who gave Johnny the gun in outsiders?

Desperate and terrified, Ponyboy and Johnny hurry to find Dally Winston, the one person they think might be able to help them. Dally gives them a gun and some money and sends them to an abandoned church near the neighboring town of Windrixville.

What did Ponyboy smoke in The Outsiders?

Kools are a brand of cigarette. They were favored by Dallas Winston. He stole two packs from a corner store before taking Ponyboy and Johnny to the nightly double.

Did Dally give Johnny a gun Ponyboy?

They find Dally there, and he provides them with $50, a gun, warm, dry clothes for Pony, and a plan that includes a safe hiding place. Dally instructs them to hop a train to Windrixville, hike up Jay Mountain, and stay in an abandoned church until he comes for them. Ponyboy and Johnny follow Dally’s instructions.

What do cigarettes symbolize in The Outsiders?

The cigarette is a symbol of the lower class. Many of the Greasers started smoking at an early age. It made them feel older and helped them to fit into their group. Later it became a way of passing time and keeping calm.

What cut Johnny’s face so badly in the fight?

One of the Socs wore several rings and the rings badly cut Johnny. The beating wasn’t what had changed Johnny, it was the fact that they had scared him. Johnny never walked alone anymore, and he vowed that he would kill the next person who jumped him. The story of Johnny’s beating visibly upsets Cherry.

Why did Johnny carry a switchblade?

Why does Johnny carry a switchblade with him? He doesn’t want to get beat up badly by the Socs again. What did Ponyboy and Johnny bring on their escape?

Why are cigarettes a symbolize in the outsiders?

What does a cigarette symbolize?

Even if child smoking is relevant (from the point of view of the 10–11 year olds) to the peer culture and not to the `adult world’, symbolism derived from the adult world appears to be utilized. Cigarettes symbolize adulthood, and adulthood, from the viewpoint of children, symbolizes power (James et al., 1998).

What does Johnny symbolize in The Outsiders?

Johnny represents the hope that Dally has lost, and Dally strives to protect Johnny from the forces that threaten to pull him into the cycle of violence that has enveloped Dally.

What does the unloaded gun symbolize in The Outsiders?

The unloaded gun symbolizes something that seems a threat yet is not. As is apparent, the greasers seem like a threat to the Socs but are not.

Why did Dally pull the gun on the cops?

Dally knew what he wanted after the death of Johnny: He wanted to die. He pulled an unloaded gun in order to force the police to shoot him. The fact that his gang witnessed the death of their second gang member in one day suggests that perhaps the circle of light was for them.

What did Johnny carry with him and why?

Johnny carries a switchblade in The Outsiders in case the Socs jump him again. He was badly beaten by some Socs in the past, and the experience upset and scared him. He wants to be able to fight back if it happens again. Later, he kills a Soc named Bob with the switchblade to stop him from killing Ponyboy.

Why did the greasers smoke cigarettes?

The cigarette is a symbol of the lower class. Many of the Greasers started smoking at an early age. It made them feel older and helped them to fit into their group.

Why did the Greasers smoke cigarettes?

What do cigarettes represent in the outsiders?

Cigarettes are a sign of calming and something natural to all the greasers. They all started smoking at a very young age, and they find it as a routine.

What was Johnny’s goal?

Johnny’s goal was to: Save Ponyboy. Stop Bob and the Socs from killing Ponyboy.

When Jerry tells Pony that he shouldn’t be smoking Ponyboy is startled because?

When Jerry tells Pony that he “shouldn’t be smoking” Ponyboy is startled because? Because Jerry tells Ponyboy he shouldn’t be smoking at his young age.

What happened to Johnny in the Outsiders?

He was nearly killed by a group of Socs one night when he was jumped while walking alone. Since that day the gang always made sure that they kept an eye on Johnny, knowing that they would be less vulnerable if they were at least in a group of two.

What weapons are used in the movie The Outsiders?

The following weapons were used in the film The Outsiders: Contents. 1Star Model PD. 2Smith & Wesson Model 10. 3Smith & Wesson Model 15. 4Colt Official Police. 5Iver Johnson Revolver. Star Model PD. Dally Winston (Matt Dillon) uses a Star Model PDthroughout the film (which he claims he keeps unloaded).

What gun did Dally give Johnny Cade in the Outsiders?

Along with $50, Dally Winston (Matt Dillon) gives Ponyboy Curtis (C. Thomas Howell) and Johnny Cade (Ralph Macchio) a Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver. Although they never fire it, Johnny is seen handling it in the train car.

What does Johnny Cade look like in the Outsiders?

Johnny Cade was a greaser, one of the three deuteragonists of The Outsiders and its film adaptation. “Johnny was smaller than the rest, with a slight build. He had big black eyes in a dark tanned face; his hair was jet-black and heavily greased and combed to the side, but it was so long that it fell in shaggy bangs across his forehead.

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