What did dream SMP do wrong?

Dream was then accused of using a racial slur himself In the wake of the harassment against Kacey, Dream was accused of having used a racial slur. On Thursday evening, a clip surfaced online from a now-private video that showed a Minecraft account called itself “Dream” saying the N-word.

Did the Hermitcraft IP get leaked?

The hermit craft IP has been leaked by mumbo jumbo a resident hermitcraft patron The IP is: hermitcraft.com Personally i thought it would have been more secure but mumbo has leaked it and its his only server in his list!

What is a good non PvP server for Minecraft?

danielspookywater. Please vote on the poll then reply to this post with why you think that PVP Client is the best.

  • ignKnotty
  • wolf_hypixe
  • Panophobia. Specifically for hypixel,BadlionClient is the best option.
  • danielspookywater. Specifically for hypixel,BadlionClient is the best option.
  • Panophobia.
  • danielspookywater.
  • Panophobia.
  • Need_Not.
  • Yaxal.
  • What are some good Minecraft survival servers?

    TulipSurvival Minecraft SMP server.[Minecraft Survival][Survival Minecraft][1.17.1 Minecraft Survival][Survival Minecraft server]TulipSurvival is a super chill Minecraft Survival server with quality of life plugins to make your

  • LifeSteal SMP[1.18.1]Minecraft SMP server.
  • CraftYourTown SMP 1.17 (JAVA/BR) SMP.
  • Who has the best Minecraft survival server?

    Simple Survival

  • BreakdownCraft
  • Hypixel
  • Altitude
  • Orchidia SMP
  • Chasecraft
  • AppleCraft
  • OmegaCraft
  • Earth MC
  • MineVille
  • How to turn off PvP in a Minecraft server?

    disable PVP Minecraft server To disable this on Minecraft, you have to follow these steps – Go to your apex panel and log in. Then click on the Config Files. Go to server settings and open the menu. Then take a look into the setting called “player vs player”. Disable it and save the setting. After this restart the server.

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