Is Apache helicopter made in India?

The state of the art facility in Hyderabad is spread over 14,000 square meters, and has been producing aero-structures for Boeing’s AH-64 Apache helicopter.

How many attack helicopters are there in India?

HAL has been contracted to deliver 76 Rudra ALH-WSI Mk-IV combat helicopters for the Indian Army and the IAF. As of June 2020, the Indian Army has 58 Rudras in service and has two more on order that are to be delivered soon. The IAF has 12 in service with four more on order.

How good is LCH India?

The LCH is well suited for anti-tank role wherein it can fly low and fast to attack enemy armour columns and destroy them. As per HAL, it is also suitable for scout role wherein it can fly ahead of advancing columns of the Army and detect enemy presence.

Does Pakistan have Rafale jet?

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed had said in December that Pakistan had acquired a “full squadron of 25 Chinese multi-role J-10C fighter jets to counter India’s purchase of Rafale aircraft”.

What is the AH-64D-I used for?

The latest AH-64D-I integrates Israeli systems such as Elta communications suite, Elbit mission management system, Rafael Combat Net system and Elisra self-protection suite. IAF AH-64s occasionally saw use in the air-to-air role.

What happened to the AH-64D?

During the Lebanon War in 2006, two AH-64As collided, killing one pilot and critically wounding three. In another incident in the conflict, an IAF AH-64D crashed due to a main rotor malfunction, killing the two crew. In late 2007, the IAF put further purchases and deliveries of AH-64Ds on hold while its performance envelope was investigated.

What is the difference between the AH-64D and Ah 64e?

The AH-64E flies 20 mph (32 km/h) faster than the AH-64D, cutting response time by 57 percent, and has better fuel efficiency, increasing time on station from 2.5–3 hours to 3–3.5 hours; Taliban forces were reportedly surprised by the AH-64E attacking sooner and for longer periods.

What is the ah-64f?

The conceptual AH-64F would have greater speed via a new 3,000 shp turboshaft engine from the Improved Turbine Engine Program, retractable landing gear, stub wings to offload lift from the main rotor during cruise, and a tail rotor that can articulate 90 degrees to provide forward thrust.

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