How much money does J-Hope make?

J-Hope released the mixtape Hope World in 2018 which reached #1 on the US World chart. Earnings: In 2019 the group generated $170 million touring. The only group to earn more was Metallica….J-Hope Net Worth.

Net Worth: $20 Million
Profession: Rapper

Why is J-Hope the richest member of BTS?

As a member of BTS, J-Hope makes most of his money from albums and touring. Back in 2018, he released his solo mixtape which immediately made it into the Billboard 200 chart, making J-Hope the highest-charting K-pop solo act to hit the chart.

Who is the J-Hope crush?

In an interview with E! News, when asked J-Hope about his celebrity crush, he said it’s Amanda Seyfried.

Did BTS leave J-Hope at a gas station?

Back in 2019, they released the Season 4 of their BTS Bon Voyage series. In the 3rd Episode, Jin was the mastermind behind poor Hobi’s ditching plan. Jin crafted the plan when the members got down from their van and cars at a gas station and J-Hope popped into the rest stop to get a refund.

Who Is Highest Paid in BTS?

J-Hope is the richest BTS member. His net worth is estimated to be around $26 million.

Who has the least income in BTS?

The value of their stock had increased to 20 billion won (around US$17 million) each by June 19, according to E-Today News.

  • J-Hope: US$24-26 million.
  • Suga: US$23-25 million.
  • RM: US$20-22 million.
  • Jimin: around US$20 million.
  • Jungkook: around US$20 million.
  • V: around US$20 million.
  • Jin: around US$20 million.

Who spends the most money in BTS?

Jin reportedly spent $1.7 million in cash on his apartment. J-Hope spent $1.6 million, Jungkook reportedly spent $1.74 million and Suga spent $3 million on his own apartments.

Who spends less in BTS?

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