How do I pass ICA?

Tips for passing the ICAG examination

  1. Get the official ICAG textbooks. ICAG textbooks are essential to pass the examination.
  2. Get Tuition.
  3. Get and solve past questions.
  4. Read and plan carefully.
  5. Start with the easiest questions.
  6. Tackle every question.
  7. Do not let failure discourage you.

What is the pass mark for ICAG exams?

The pass mark for the ICAG exam is 50%. The grades awarded are only pass and fail. All those who fail the exam are allowed to rewrite the exam if until they pass as long as their candidature has not expired.

What is Atswa all about?

The Accounting Technicians Scheme West Africa (ATSWA) programme is designed to produce middle level Accounting Technicians within the West African sub-region.

How many levels are in Ica?

ICA aims at producing professional accountants of the highest quality, ready to provide cutting edge services to their clients at all times and upholding the ethical values of the accountancy profession. The examination is in three (3) levels.

How long does it take to complete ICA?

We recommend three month’s study time for each assignment and for your exam – effectively making the Advanced Certificate course about 6 months long and a Diploma course 9 months long.

Is ICAG difficult?

ICAG is reputed to be very difficult. In fact, until about five years ago when ICAG decided to get more open and attract more students the tales of the examination’s difficulty were like a badge of honour for those who successfully completed it.

How do I become a chartered accountant in Ghana?

ICAG is responsible for setting the educational requirements for professional accountants in Ghana, which include completing a program of professional accountancy education, having three years of practical experience, and passing ICAG’s final examinations.

How many years does it take to finish ICAN?

The ICAN programme can last one year for accounting graduates and one year and six months for non accounting graduates in the normal case. The ICAN examinations hold so much value because it is globally recognised and also equips you to be self employed. So if you would like to enrol, then go for it.

Is ICA better than ACCA?

If you have an ACCA, you will be required to apply to ICAG and write some papers in order to be admitted into the fold. ICAG is also a member of IFAC and has a close relationship with ICAEW, so it’s recognised internationally. ACCA however, has the advantage of being more easily recognisable outside the country.

How can I get ICAG exemption?

To register as a student and apply for exemptions, applicants must visit to apply for studentship. Successful applicants are required to pay registration fee of GH¢200.00 and subscription of GH¢200.00. Applicants who qualify for exemptions would be required to pay the applicable exemption fees.

What is the difference between ACCA and ICA?

Is ICAN internationally Recognised?

ICAN is the only accountancy body in Nigeria recognized by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

Which month is ICAN exam?

Dates of the next Examination – The Institute’s November 2021 diet professional examinations are scheduled to hold from Tuesday 16, November to Thursday 18, November 2021.

Is ICA Recognised in UK?

Both courses are internationally recognised so if you currently work in the UK but are planning to work overseas, the Diploma would still be relevant.

Is ICA recognized?

The Institute of Credit Administration (ICA) is Nigeria’s only nationally recognized professional credit management body solely dedicated to the development of skills and capacity building of people involved in credit management across sectors of the economy.

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