Where is the Cenarion Circle Rep vendor?

(They are found in a cave to the north east of Silithus. A quest is avalible that sends you to them.) A third thing is that there are other ways to get rep but they either take a certain class type, tremendous amounts of gear, or a few more players to help.

Does underbog give Cenarion Expedition rep?

Reputation with the Cenarion Expedition comes from killing Naga throughout Zangarmarsh, and killing mobs in The Underbog, Slave Pens, and The Steamvault.

How do you grind Cenarion Circle Rep TBC?

Classic WoW: 15 Ways To Grind Cenarion Circle Rep

  1. 8 Kill Twilight Flamereavers.
  2. 9 Kill Twilight Cultists.
  3. 10 Run the Phase 5 Raids.
  4. 11 Do the Repeatable Quests.
  5. 12 Do the Phase 5 Quests in Silithus.
  6. 13 Know Your Arch Druid.
  7. 14 Roll a Tauren or Night Elf Character.
  8. 15 Be A Druid.

Where is the quartermaster of the Cenarion Circle?

The Cenarion Circle quartermaster is Aendal Windspear. She is tucked away in a building of Southwind Village which is just SE of Cenarion Hold. /tar Aen will show you just where.

What is the Cenarion Circle?

The Cenarion Circle (or simply the Circle) is a harmonious order that guides and keeps watch over the world’s druids and their practices. The organization mostly consists of druids, with members of the tauren, jungle troll, night elf, and worgen races.

How do you get exalted with Cenarion Circle?

Getting exalted with Cenarion circle: There are many ways getting rep with cenarion circle. Going AQ , doing quests, farming mobs / turn in quests. The fastest way is to do quests related to Cenarion Circle in Silithus. They all give alot of rep each + you get to manage some texts you can turn in for about 500 rep “10”

What is the Cenarion Circle in Stormwind?

After the Fourth War, the Cenarion Circle makes its appearance in the druid section of the Training Hall in Stormwind and the Barracks in Orgrimmar, with Amaria Wildthorn, Mithlos Falconbriar, and Telotha Pinegrove as druid trainers. The Circle’s main concern is currently combating the threat of the Silithid and Qiraji.

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