How do I contact pinderfields hospital?

Contacting our hospitals

  1. Pinderfields Hospital. Switchboard: 01924 541000.
  2. Pontefract Hospital. Friarwood Lane. Pontefract. WF8 1PL. Switchboard: 01924 541000.
  3. Dewsbury and District Hospital. Halifax Road. Dewsbury. WF13 4HS. Switchboard: 01924 541000.

How many hospitals are in Pontefract?

three hospitals
The smaller of our three hospitals, Pontefract has open access emergency care for less serious medical conditions.

How many beds does Pontefract hospital have?

The number of beds at Pinderfields would rise from 730 to 810. Balfour Beatty built Pinderfields and Pontefract hospitals as part of a £311 million private finance initiative deal with Royal Bank of Scotland….The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Type of Trust
NHS hospital trust
Trust Details
Last annual budget £460 Million
Employees 8000

What does pinderfields hospital specializes in?

Pinderfields Hospital is home to the region’s specialist burns service.

When did the old Pontefract hospital close?

Before it closed in 2011, PGI was a district general hospital of nearly 500 beds. By the late 1990s it was apparent that hospital services across the Wakefield District needed reconfiguring for the 21st century.

What does Pontefract Hospital Specialise in?

As one of the Trust’s main centres for providing treatment planned in advance with patients, Pontefract Hospital also provides over 20,000 day case and elective inpatient surgical treatments per year across a range of specialties such as oncology, plastic surgery and colorectal surgery.

What is an elderly step down ward?

The Community Stepdown Care Initiative attempts to provide right siting of care for elderly emergency department attendees whose main need is rehabilitation.

How old is Pontefract hospital?

The original hospital in Pontefract was the Pontefract Dispensary which was established in Sessions House Yard in 1812. The foundation stone for a new hospital in Southgate was laid by Hugh Childers, Secretary of State for War on 7 May 1880; it was opened by John Rhodes, the Mayor of Wakefield, on 8 December 1880.

How much is parking at Pontefract hospital?

If travelling by train, the stations which would be needed to get to one of our hospitals are: Pontefract – Baghill, Tanshelf and Monkhill stations….

Time Fee
Up to 1 hour £2.00
1-2 hours £2.80
2-4 hours £5.00
4-24 hours £6.90

Is there an A & E in Pontefract Hospital?

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust runs two hospitals in our district: Pinderfields and Pontefract, which both have 24 hour, 7 days a week open access A&E (or Emergency Department) services.

Has Pontefract got an A & E?

Although the urgent care service at Pontefract Hospital has been described as an Accident and Emergency (A&E) department, it does not have back up facilities or specialist staff to treat people who have very serious illness or injuries.

What is an acute hospital admission?

An emergency admission occurs when, for clinical reasons, a patient is admitted unexpectedly at the earliest possible time. This might be after a visit to a doctor, emergency department or calling an ambulance.

Is it still free parking in Pontefract?

Admission & Parking is free. Lovely afternoon. Both me and my wife had a lovely day at the castle interesting and informative a lovely location in Pontefract. Parking is not great however other car parking is available close by but it is pay and display.

Is Morrisons car park Pontefract free?

Maximum stay 2 hours CCTV. Parking is free on sundays and Bank Holidays. This IS NOT a Park & Ride Car Park. There is a minimum charge of £ 0.50….Morrison’s Supermarket Car Park Information.

Location Pontefract
Address Stuart Road, Pontefract, Yorkshire, United Kingdom, WF8 1BB
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