How cold is the water in Hawaii in the winter?

As a general rule, Hawaiian waters average 77 degrees in the wintertime to 82 degrees in the summertime. Now, compared to the U.S. West Coast, Hawaiian waters are definitely much warmer (10-20 degrees warmer) than the waters off Southern California.

Is it warm enough to swim in Hawaii in January?

Even though January is one of Hawaii’s cooler months, the ocean temperatures are still warm enough to allow you to swim comfortably. You can expect the ocean temperatures to reach around 72 to 76 degrees F, making the water just slightly cooler than the outside temperatures at the peak of the day.

What is the water temperature in Oahu in February?

76 72
The water off Honolulu, for instance, is typically 5 °F (3 °C) warmer than at Hilo on the Big Island. Yet Hawaii’s ocean temperatures don’t vary much from month to month….Average Ocean Temperatures for Hawaii.

Honolulu Hilo
January 76 72
February 76 72
March 76 71
April 76 72

Can you swim in the ocean in Hawaii in February?

Hawaii’s ocean temperatures don’t fluctuate dramatically from month to month or season to season. You can swim in the ocean in Hawaii in February even though it is one of the cooler months.

Can you snorkel in Hawaii in February?

The best snorkeling in Hawaii in February is Hawai’i (Big Island). The Big Island has its best snorkeling on the Kona Coast. The Kona Coast faces west, shielding it from the winter waves. Plus, the Big Island has well-protected bays and coves shielding you and the fish from wind, strong currents, and the waves.

Can you swim in the ocean in Hawaii in the winter?

Water temperatures are around 74 degrees so swimming is a year round activity here in Hawaii. If you’re looking into boating, snorkeling, surfing or any other Hawaii activity this winter, be sure to book as soon as possible!

What time of year is the water the calmest in Hawaii?

Summer Season
Summer Season: May through October Summer typically means calmer waters on all beaches. Larger swells can happen on south shores, generated by winter storms in the southern hemisphere. Trade winds coming from the northeast can also increase surf for north and east facing shores.

Can I swim in Hawaii in winter?

Should I bring a wetsuit to Hawaii?

Even though the waters are warm, you still need a wetsuit to scuba dive in Hawaii. However, it doesn’t need to be very thick or insulated. A 3mm thickness is just right for Hawaiian waters.

Which beach in Hawaii has the warmest water?

Lanikai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.

Do I need a wet suit to snorkel in Hawaii?

Maui has some heavenly water and snorkeling conditions, but you might still benefit from wearing a wetsuit! Not only will a wetsuit keep you nice and warm, but it will also keep the sun from toasting your skin – a quick way to ruin any tropical vacation!

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