Does Qantas A380 have a bar?

QANTAS have launched their newly refurbished A380 fleet which features a new luxury ‘speakeasy’ bar as well as a bigger lounge and more premium economy seating.

Where are the best seats in economy on the A380?

Perhaps the best seats in the A380 Economy are in rows 68 and 81 (A and K). With no third seat in the row ahead, passengers have unlimited legroom without needing to sacrifice storage space.

Which planes have a bar onboard?

To his knowledge, there are only six airlines in the world to have onboard bar lounges, including Virgin Australia, Korean Air, Etihad Airways, Emirates Airlines, and Qatar Airways. Virgin Atlantic is currently the only airline to boast a bar on all of its airplanes.

Does Qantas serve free alcohol on international flights?

Yes. We provide complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverages on all Qantas operated domestic and international flights. Complimentary alcoholic beverages are included on international flights and selected domestic flights.

Do you get free alcohol on Qantas international flights?

Which A380 have a bar?

Qantas’ A380s, which were brought back into service in January, also have a lounge area with a self-service bar right behind the cockpit.

Where is the bar on A380?

The Emirates A380 bar is situated at the rear of the upper deck, immediately behind business class. It’s something of a trek from the Emirates first-class cabin, which is located right at the front of the A380 upper deck.

Is Qantas serving meals during Covid?

Qantas is now offering a more restaurant-style meal service on international flights. After take-off, passengers will be served a signature welcome drink and restaurant-style dining service will follow. The traditional inflight meal tray has been removed to make way for a simpler and larger inflight meal offering.

Is the bar open on the A380?

The bar is now open “Join us in the Onboard Lounge to enjoy drinks and light bites. The lounge is open as usual with a few changes to maintain the strictest levels of hygiene and safety. You can also order takeaway drinks and snacks to enjoy in your seat.”

Where are the wings on A380?

Filton in South Gloucestershire is where the engineering and design work takes place, and a site in Broughton, South Wales is where all wing assembly takes place, and other major wing component manufacturing.

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