Can I use NBA logos?

The logo or any other logo of the NBA or its teams (a “logo” link) may not be used to link to without the written permission of the Operator.

Do NBA logos have to have a basketball?

24/30 NBA teams have a basketball in their logo. Compare that to: 10/30 MLB teams with baseballs/bats in their logos. 6/20 Premier league teams with soccer balls in their logos.

Are NBA logos trademarked?

Possibly the most iconic trademark that the NBA has registered is its logo: a blue and red rounded rectangle with the silhouette of a man dribbling in the middle. That man is Hall of Famer Jerry West (who played for the Lakers) because the designer believed it conveyed the athleticism of athletes.

How do I get permission to use a team logo?

To use a sports team’s logo requires permission from the owner of the copyright and/or trademark (if the logo is also used as a trademark). Permission must be in writing (copyright law requires this be in writing to be valid).

Can I sell shirts with NBA players on them?

You’d need permission, typically a “license” which is a contract from someone who has authority from the owners of trademark (if team logos) copyright (if a photo or someone else’s image) and right of publicity (the individual player or…

Can you sell NBA products?

You should be aware that, as standard license terms, NBAP requires, among other things, payment of the following: (i) a royalty on the net sales of each licensed article sold; (ii) an annual minimum guarantee and (iii) a merchandise credit to NBAP for the licensed articles (all of the above in amounts to be determined …

Is the Lakers logo copyrighted?

Since the Lakers name is attributed to such success, the Lakers have used the mark when naming their G League team (the South Bay Lakers), their official youth basketball program (the Jr. Lakers), and the cheerleaders (the Laker Girls). These are all registered as trademarks to protect the reputation of the brand.

Can you make and sell items with sports logos?

No. You cannot use logos without a license to do so from owners of the copyrights and trademarks.

Can I put a NBA player on a shirt?

The short and sweet answer is yes, NBA players are allowed to wear a t-shirt under and beneath their jersey. What is this? However, this has not always been the case. In fact, it was common to see NBA players playing on the court with only their jerseys on.

Why did Jerry West become the NBA logo?

While searching the photos, Siegel’s attention fell upon a particular image of league standout, Jerry West dribbling the ball, and loved it. In an interview, Siegel said of the image: “I was attracted to it because it was nice and vertical, and it had him leaning and dribbling… had a little motion to it.”

Is Jerry West really the logo?

Hidden in the photo archives of SPORT magazine, Alan Siegel found the inspiration for the National Basketball Association logo. Los Angeles Lakers guard Jerry West was dribbling left. He looked determined and elegant — a still of a high-speed in-motion play.

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