Are Marshalltown tools any good?

To its customers and others in the industry, the company is known for the best tools and it is known by one name—MARSHALLTOWN. A long ways from the small machine shop the Williams brothers began in 1890, MARSHALLTOWN is now one of the largest tool manufacturers in the world.

Where are Marshalltown tools made?

The Marshalltown Company, based in Marshalltown, Iowa, is a privately held American manufacturer of construction tools and equipment used for archaeology, asphalt, concrete, drywall, EIFS, flooring, masonry, painting, plastering, stucco, tile and wallpaper.

What trowel do you use for rendering?

Plastering trowels are the most versatile and useful trowel to have in your collection. They are incredibly multi-purpose, but are typically used for applying the the basecoat layer in any render or external wall insulation system. Plastering trowels are also suitable for applying certain render finishes.

How are Marshalltown trowels made?

Each and every Marshalltown brick trowel is forged in the USA from a single piece of Marshalltown’s own formula high carbon steel and then heat-treated to ensure the impact areas are strong and durable prior to each blade being taper ground and polished.

What is MARSHALLTOWN famous for?

It is the seat of Marshall County and the 16th largest city in Iowa, with a population of 27,591 at the 2020 census. Marshalltown is home to the Iowa Veterans Home and Marshalltown Community College.

What does MARSHALLTOWN mean?

[ mahr-shuhl-toun ] SHOW IPA. / ˈmɑr ʃəlˌtaʊn / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. a city in central Iowa.

Are MARSHALLTOWN tools made in China?

The QLT tools are made in china and have weaker welds at the handle and blade. The Premier line tools are made here in the USA, they also boasts a higher quality steel and a higher quality wood for the handle.


Our contractor-grade QLT Finishing Trowels are cast aluminum mounting securely riveted to the tempered, polished steel blade. The mounting has a square shank to prevent the handle from turning. Your choice of comfort grip or wood handle.


MARSHALLTOWN is a world leader in manufacturing construction tools and equipment since 1890. MARSHALLTOWN offers more than 5,000 products to professional and do-it-yourselfers in asphalt, brick, concrete, drywall, EIFS, flooring, paint, plaster, stucco, tile and wallpaper.

Are Marshalltown tools made in China?

What is Marshalltown famous for?

Why are concrete tools magnesium?

Magnesium smooths the surface of fresh concrete and opens the pores for proper evaporation, all without pulling the surface like a wood or resin tool.

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