Why did Dravid resign from captain?

“I enjoyed the captaincy, I loved it, but it can get tough after a while and some of the enjoyment can go away,” Dravid told BBC. “So I thought it was the right time to step aside. ” The board president, Sharad Pawar, said Dravid told him of his wish to step down, with immediate effect, when they met on Thursday.

Was Dravid better than Tendulkar?

Sachin Tendulkar has played more tests than Rahul Dravid and has slightly better average compared to Rahul Dravid. If we assume the scenario that Rahul Dravid had played equal number of tests to Sachin Tendulkar he could’ve been equal or go ahead of Sachin Tendulkar numbers easily in terms of runs and average.

Did Dravid get a farewell?

After all his selfless contributions, Dravid was dropped from the Indian side post his disastrous run in 2011. Sadly, one of the greatest batsmen to have ever graced the gentlemen’s game, announced his retirement with immediate effect in 2012.

Why is Dravid respected?

Dravid is the only man to score 10,000 runs in the pivotal No3 position, and the only man to face 30,000 deliveries in Test cricket.

Why did Sachin Tendulkar left captain?

Many people were quick to blame the schedule that India were playing, saying that Tendulkar had very tough away tests to begin his captaincy which wouldn’t have helped him getting used to being India’s captain. For example, with his first stint as captain, India traveled to South Africa and then faced the West Indies.

When did Dravid drop?

Former India captain Rahul Dravid has revealed that he felt insecure after being dropped from the ODI team in 1998. He made a strong comeback in 1999 and scored over 10,000 runs in ODIs.

Who is the most humble cricketer?

Here is a list of five cricketers who maintain a modest lifestyle and shade from the limelight.

  1. Rahul Dravid:
  2. Muttiah Muralitharan:
  3. Cheteshwar Pujara:
  4. Moeen Ali:
  5. Steve Waugh: Steve Waugh. (

Is Rahul Dravid humble?

Rahul Dravid is one of the most humble individuals in the world. When he played and even after he retired, there were no airs of being a celebrity. For example he recently he turned up at a science exhibition at his children’s school and stood in the line like all parents.

Was Rahul Dravid a good captain?

Dravid announced his retirement from all forms of Cricket in March 2012. Dravid’s achievement as a captain may not be very huge, but he was regarded as a dependable captain like his batting. Dravid took over the captaincy of the Indian cricket team in the year 2005 during the famous Ganguly- Greg Chappell controversy.

When did Rahul Dravid played his last ODI match?

16 September 2011
Rahul Dravid

Personal information
ODI debut (cap 95) 3 April 1996 v Sri Lanka
Last ODI 16 September 2011 v England
ODI shirt no. 19
Only T20I (cap 38) 31 August 2011 v England

When was Rahul Dravid played last match?

Rahul Dravid in 2011 Dravid played his last ODI on 16 September 2011 in Cardiff and smashed 69(79) at number 3 position. Unfortunately, India ended up losing his farewell match and series but Rahul Dravid as a batsman was stellar with the bat.

Was Sunil Gavaskar a good batsmen?

Gavaskar is acknowledged as one of the greatest opening batsmen of all time. Gavaskar was widely admired for his technique against fast bowling, with a particularly high average of 65.45 against the West Indies, who possessed a four-pronged fast bowling attack regarded as the most vicious in Test history.

Did Rahul Dravid represent Scotland?

Rahul Dravid played a total of 12 matches for Scotland, which included 11 one-dayers and one tour game against Pakistan. He scored 600 runs for Scotland. Rahul Dravid, the current Head Coach of Team India, is one of the most well-regarded cricketers of his generation.

Which cricketer has no hater?

Cricketer with ‘zero haters’ : Netizens chant Kane Williamson’s name on Twitter.

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