Is Chicago Fire season 2 episode 13 a crossover?

A Little Devil Complex is the thirteenth episode of the second season and the 28th overall episode of Chicago P.D. It is the second part of a two-part crossover event with Chicago Fire. The event starts with Three Bells and concludes with A Little Devil Complex.

Who dies Chicago Fire season 1 episode 22?

She notices something odd in the files, but puts it to one side. During the course of the subsequent investigation, Antonio Dawson tells Casey that Hallie was murdered when she was struck on the back of her head prior to the fire.

What episode is Firehouse hostage 51?

Boden’s life is in danger during a hostage situation in Chicago Fire season 10, episode 18. What will Firehouse 51 do? Here’s how to find out live tonight.

What episode does Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire crossover?

That is, until you get to the crossovers. The first major crossover in the One Chicago universe takes place in 2014, with the Chicago Fire episode “A Dark Day” rolling right into the Chicago PD episode “8:30 PM”.

Does Stella and Severide marry?

Stellaride fans can breathe a sigh of relief: They’re still getting married. Severide even proposed to Kidd again in Episode 12’s “Show of Force,” and he gave her an actual ring. And in the Season 10 finale, this couple finally tied the knot.

What happened in Season 5 of Chicago Fire?

Casey and Dawson deal with losing Louie in their own ways, causing tension at the firehouse. A dangerous criminal targets Firehouse 51; Severide gets an unexpected offer. Boden offends a fellow chief; Severide mulls over his job offer in Springfield. Boden tries to reverse the firehouse’s reassignments.

What episode of Chicago Fire does Sylvie get kidnapped?

“Chicago Fire” Let Him Die (TV Episode 2015) – IMDb.

What episode is Chicago Fire crossover?

Chicago crossover episodes list

  • Law & Order SVU: Season 15 Episode 15 – Part 1/2.
  • Chicago PD: Season 1 Episode 6 – Part 2/2.
  • Chicago Fire: Season 2 Episode 20 – Part 1/2.
  • Chicago PD: Season 1 Episode 12 – Part 2/2.
  • Chicago Fire: Season 3 Episode 7 – Part 1/3.
  • Law & Order SVU: Season 16 Episode 7 – Part 2/3.

What episode of Chicago P.D. is the crossover with Chicago Fire season 8 episode 15?

Off the Grid
February 2020 Chicago crossover event

“February 2020 Chicago crossover event”
Episode title “Off the Grid”
Episode no. Season 8 Episode 15
Directed by Reza Tabrizi
Written by Matt Whitney

What episode of Chicago Fire is Chicago P.D. season 1 episode 12?

April 2014 Chicago crossover event

“April 2014 Chicago crossover event”
Part 2: Chicago P.D.
Episode title “8:30 PM”
Episode no. Season 1 Episode 12
Directed by Mark Tinker

Do Severide and Kidd split up?

Season 7. Stellaride’s happiness is cut short when Severide’s father dies. Stricken by grief, he distances himself from Kidd, and she breaks up with him. But Severide uses nearly the entire season to become a better man, and they get back together in the finale.

What happens in season 5 episode 22 of Chicago Fire?

Tensions rise for Dawson and Casey as Dawson’s father overstays his welcome at their home. Mouch considers retirement. A dangerous warehouse fire puts truck and squad at risk. Tensions rise for Dawson and Casey as Dawson’s father overstays his welcome at their home.

Who dies at the end of Chicago Fire Season 5?

A huge factory fire left the fates of the Chicago Fire crew unknown, and in last night’s “Sacred Ground” episode, it was revealed that firefighter Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuri Sardarov) did not make it out alive.

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