Who was Maester aemon to Jon Snow?

Jon Snow Should’ve Told Daenerys About Aemon Targaryen But, as dramatic as the event was, it wasn’t the first time that Jon met a Targaryen, and at least that one liked him quite a bit. Why didn’t he tell Dany about how her great-uncle, Aemon Targaryen, who trusted and respected him?

Who is Aemon Targaryen to the mad king?

Aemon Targaryen had seen nine kings upon the Iron Throne. He had been a king’s son, a king’s brother, a king’s uncle.

Why did Rhaegar name both sons Aegon?

Why would Rhaegar name two of his children the same name? It seems pretty certain that he knew a son of named Aegon was destined to sit on that Iron Throne. And since names carry value, perhaps he knew that by naming his new son Aegon it would help him some day become King.

Did Maester aemon know Jon is a Targaryen?

Aemon says he is aware of Jon’s struggle and reveals his Targaryen heritage to him, recounting the deaths of his nephew Aerys II, Aerys’s son Rhaegar, and Rhaegar’s two young children; neither Aemon nor Jon are aware that Rhaegar and his children were Jon’s true father and half-siblings.

Is Benjen a White Walker?

You guessed it, Benjen is a White Walker… They shoved a piece of dragonglass in his chest, which stopped him from falling to the control of the unfriendly White Walkers. That’s why he was able to maintain loyalty to his family and help Bran and Meera.

Why is Benjen Stark not a White Walker?

9 Why Didn’t He Become A White Walker? Benjen also explains that he would have been turned into a Walker, but the magic was stopped by the Children of the Forest and their own magic. They shoved a dragonglass dagger into his chest which stopped his transformation.

Did Maester aemon know Jon was a Targaryen?

Is varys a Targaryen?

Tyrion learns that during Robert’s Rebellion, Varys, a Targaryen loyalist, allegedly switched the baby Aegon with that of a peasant baby.

Why didnt Jon Snow claim the throne?

Why does Jon Snow not get the throne? He has the royal lineage, but he had betrayed his queen (being a king or a queenslayer is considered bad, even by the standards of this murdery show) so he could neither be set free nor killed, lest a war start over either option.

Who takes the throne after tommen dies?

How Cersei Became Queen After Tommen’s Death. Rather than hold a Great Council, like that of the Great Council of Harrenhal in 101 AC, to decide who would succeed Tommen as King of Westeros, Cersei seized the throne herself as a usurper.

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