Who is the winner of Roadies 2015?

MTV Roadies Season X2 Winner (2015): Prince Narula MTV Roadies Season X2 was titled as “Roadies X2: Your Road, Your Gang”. Prince Narula was the winner of Roadies Season X2 which was held in 2015. Prince Narula got the ₹5,00,000 as Prize Money.

Who is the winner of Roadies Revolution 2021?

Hamid Barkzi
Take a look at the post: Hamid Barkzi was declared as the winner of the 18th season of India’s longest-running adventure reality show, Roadies Revolution in January early this year.

Which Gangleader won roadies most?

Series synopes

Season Year Winning Gang Leader
17 2020–21 Nikhil Chinapa
18 2022 Sonu Sood

Who is the winner of Roadies 2022?

On 19th June 2022, team Bhatia-Nandu (Bhatia-Nandu, Sohil-Sid, Jash-Dutta) were the winners and team Kevin-Moose (Kevin-Moose, Baseer-Soun, Gaurav-Simi) lost the task. While Yukti-Arsh were non-performing pair who was directly sent in the danger zone.

Who won Roadies 2012?

Vikas Khoker
The series was won by Vikas Khoker from Chandigarh. He won the title on 30 June 2012 and walked away with a total cash prize of ₹ 617,000. Anirudh Sharma and Diyali Chauhan returned as All-Stars for Roadies X – Battle for Glory.

Who is Parul Shahi?

Parul Shahi is the winner of MTV Roadies season third. She was the first contestant from northeast to participate in MTV Roadies. Also she was the first girl to win Roadies. She is from Delhi, India.

Did any girl win Roadies?

MTV Roadies Winner Season 10 – Palak Johal Palak Johal led the show to become the leading female winner.

Who win Roadies x3?

Parul Shahi
Parul Shahi – Roadies Season 3.

Who won Roadies 9?

Vikas KhokerMTV Roadies – Season 9 / Winner

Who won Rodies x3?

MTV Roadies Winner Season 3 – Parul Shahi Parul Shahi from Delhi was the winner of the third season. It was for the first time in the history of Roadies that any lady took away the title. She displayed great strength.

Who was 1st roadie?

The first season of Roadies started off in 2003. From the first year itself, the show garnered popularity from its audience. Cyrus Sahukar was the host of the show and eight contestants were seen battling for victory. Rannviijay Singha was the winner of the first season of Roadies, and then the journey began.

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