Who is Maria Menudo married to?

Keven UndergaroMaria Menounos / Spouse (m. 2017)Keven Undergaro is the creator of online broadcast network AfterBuzz TV as well as being a writer and producer for film and television. Wikipedia

Does Maria Menounos have a baby yet?

“We are still in progress, not pregnant yet!” she said in January. “That’s the plan, and we will share good news when we can.” Menounos and Undergaro opened up to PEOPLE in 2018 about starting a family, sharing at the time that they were considering surrogacy.

What happened to Maria Menounos surrogate?

“I lost my mom, we lost our dog and then losing the surrogate was a loss,” she explained. “Trying to have kids in the midst of that would have been a lot. And so we believe that it’s God protecting us. And it’s going to happen at that right time.”

Is Maria Menounos trying to have a baby?

Maria Menounos Details Her ‘Super Costly’ and ‘Emotionally Taxing’ Surrogacy Journey. After previously opening up about her surrogacy journey with husband Keven Undergaro, Maria Menounos is sharing an update about their hopes to welcome children this year. “I definitely didn’t think it was going to take this long.

How did Maria Menounos find out about brain tumor?

A golf-ball-sized tumor called a meningioma was pressing down on Menounos’ facial nerves. “When they gave me the official diagnosis, I actually started laughing,” she says.

Can meningioma go away on its own?

The causes of meningioma are not yet fully understood. In fact, several research studies suggest that many meningiomas develop spontaneously, or without a known cause. Sometimes, these tumors can disappear spontaneously as well.

Where do meningiomas come from?

Meningiomas are the most common benign intracranial tumor. They originate from arachnoid cap cells, which are cells within the thin, spider web-like membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord.

Can you feel a meningioma?

Many people never feel any symptoms. Headaches: This is the most common symptom of a meningioma. Most people say the headache is a dull, occasionally throbbing pain. Most of the time, you can only feel them in the front of your head, on both the left and right sides.

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