Who gives the most money for plasma?

If we go strictly by the base pay for donations, Biotest Plasma pays the most (up to $365 per month). Other centers are below this range, but none are lower than $270. However, the potential earning capacity at CSL Plasma is much higher, with the other centers coming somewhere between these two.

How can I get free money for donations?

7 Sites Where You Can Get Strangers to Give You Money

  1. Kickstarter.
  2. Indiegogo.
  3. Fundly.
  4. GoFundMe.
  5. Begging Money.
  6. FundMyTravel.
  7. CyberBeg.

How much do you get paid to donate plasma in Texas?

Thanks for being a donor! *Donors can get up to $1,000. Payments and promotions for eligible, qualified donors vary by location and weight. Ask the center manager at your preferred donation location for details.

What can I donate to get money fast?

You’ll get some fast cash, and, in some cases, your assets are renewable.

  • Donate Plasma. One of the easiest ways to make some cash regularly from your body is to donate plasma.
  • Sell Your Hair. There is actually a market for human hair.
  • Donate Bone Marrow.
  • Donate Sperm.
  • Donate Eggs.
  • Paid Testing.
  • Join a Focus group.

How can I earn more money from donation centers?

Some donation centers offer special coupons and promotions that allow you to earn more. For example, some may provide refer a friend offers, where you get money, such as $20, when a friend of yours makes a donation.

How much does it cost to donate to a blood donation center?

However, on the Twitter account for its Athens, Georgia center, the company says that it pays between $30 and $45 per donation. Get in touch with your nearest donation center to learn how much you’ll be paid.

Which plasma donation centers pay near me?

Plasma Donation Centers that Pay Near Me. 1 1. CSL Plasma – Earn up to $400/mo. 2 2. Grifols – Earn up to $200/mo. 3 3. Biotest Plasma – Earn $45 per donation. 4 4. BPL Plasma – Earn up to $300/mo. 5 5. KEDPLASMA – Earn up to $300/mo.

How much money do you get for a month of donations?

Most people get between $200-280 per month, depending on their donation schedule. BioLife defines a donation week as being between Monday through Thursday. So, it would help if you got your second donation before Thursday to increase your chances of making that $200 (at least) that month.


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