What is ORTF miking?

ORTF is a common stereo mic technique. Stereo recording uses two microphones to capture a single sound source; each mic then gets panned to either side of the stereo field. Over the years, engineers have developed tried and true methods of stereo recording that best mimic how our ears perceive sound.

What miking technique mimics human hearing?

ORTF, Near-Coincident In this technique, two microphones are placed close to each other, but not in the identical space. In fact, the two microphones are typically positioned to be in a similar relative position as human ears on a person’s head.

What is good microphone technique?

You should hold the microphone at a distance of 10-20 centimetres away from your mouth. You should hold it further away at a distance of up to 20cm when you sing higher or more powerful notes. If you move around and turn away from the stage always maintain the same distance.

What is ORTF good for?

The ORTF method provides good mono compatibility and stereo imaging, but captures little of the room’s ambience (this may or may not be a good thing, depending on the room you are recording!)

What does ORTF stand for?

Office de Radiodiffusion Télévision Française
An abbreviation for Office de Radiodiffusion Télévision Française (French Radio and Television Office). Also a name for a specific microphone setup for near-coincident stereo recording with two cardioid microphones.

Which stereo miking technique provides the best phase coherence?

Mid-side stereo position. Of all the stereo microphone techniques mentioned thus far, the mid-side stereo position might be the black sheep. It also results in the best phase coherence.

Is ORTF mono compatible?

ORTF can create a beautifully wide stereo image and still deliver some mono information. One disadvantage is that a sound source in the center of the stereo image will be off-axis from both microphones, limiting frequency response.

What is XY miking technique?

X-Y (coincident) stereo miking consists of using two microphones that are placed right next to each other so that the diaphragms are as close together as possible without touching one another.

What is an ORTF in pharmacy?

Open refill transfer File (ORTF) Most pharmacy point-of-sale systems will provide a version of the ORTF file format to transfer data between pharmacies and systems.

What is the ORTF mic technique used for?

The ORTF stereo technique, also known as side-other-side, is a microphone technique used to record stereo sound.

Which type of stereo microphone technique is most mono compatible?

MS or “Mid-Side” is a stereo mic technique that aims to offer the best of both worlds: A super-wide stereo field with perfect mono compatibility.

What are stereo miking techniques?

Stereo miking techniques use two microphones at the same time to record one sound source. Each microphone is then panned to the left and to the right to mimic the way our ears perceive sound in the “real world.” This adds width, space, and location to a recording.

What are matched pair microphones used for?

Who needs matched pairs? If you record instruments or ensembles in stereo, your tracks will benefit from matched pairs. Common stereo applications include drum overheads, piano, choruses and ensembles, even acoustic guitar.

What microphone did Frank Sinatra use?

His vocal mic was the Shure SM53. His stage monitors were Shure VA301-S loudspeakers. Later in the 1970s, the SM58 became Sinatra’s primary microphone for performances.

What does ORTF stand for in audio?

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