What does mow stand for in railroad?

MOW (or Maintenance of Way) trains are an essential yet often overlooked component of every railroad’s roster. Usually having the appearance of a somewhat normal freight consist to the untrained eye, MOW trains are quite literally the trains which keep the railroad running.

What is a wheel truck on a train?

A bogie in the UK, or a railroad truck, wheel truck, or simply truck in North America, is a structure underneath a railway vehicle (wagon, coach or locomotive) to which axles (and, hence, wheels) are attached through bearings.

When did the LIRR stop using steam engines?

Our G-5s, #39, served primarily the LIRR Oyster Bay branch in Nassau County. She was the last steam engine to travel to the LIRR Greenport Terminal in June, 1955, and was one of two steam engines to participate in the official “End of Steam” ceremonies at Hicksville Station on October 8, 1955.

What is a bogie truck?

Bogie Drive. A truck with two drive axles at the rear. Bogie drive prime movers are the most common type of prime mover in Australia. The drive is transmitted from one axle to the other by means of a short drive shaft called a jack-shaft. The bogie drive axle group is often referred to as a “tandem axle group”.

How does a rail truck work?

Hi-Rail trucks are dual-mode vehicles, which means they can operate on both railroad tracks and roads (highway + railway = hi-rail). In addition to their rubber tires, hi-rail trucks also have a set of flanged steel wheels that, when deployed, allow the vehicle to travel on railways.

Do train tracks need maintenance?

Track needs regular maintenance to remain in good order, especially when high-speed trains are involved. Inadequate maintenance may lead to a “slow order” (North American terminology, or temporary speed restriction in the United Kingdom) being imposed to avoid accidents (see Slow zone).

What is a Pantechnicon truck used for?

A pantechnicon van was originally a furniture removal van drawn by horses and used by the British company “The Pantechnicon” for delivering and collecting furniture which its customers wished to store. The name is a word largely of British English usage.

What is prime mover truck?

What is Prime Mover? When we say ‘Prime mover’ we’re generally referring to a robust engine that has excellent motive power to haul bulky towed or trailered loads. Prime Movers are also commonly known as “puller vehicles” (e.g. heavy-duty trucks).

How do trucks run on train tracks?

Why do trucks drive on train tracks?

Most of such vehicles are used for railroad right-of-way maintenance during engineering possessions of the line, when a section of the line is handed over for maintenance and operational trains are blocked from entering the section.

What are LIRR trains powered by?

The LIRR originated in the 1830s powered by coal-fired steam engines before major segments were electrified generally between 1900 and the early 1930s; for the rest of the railroad, the steam engines were replaced by diesels gradually between 1926 and 1955.

Which LIRR trains are diesel?

The Long Island Rail Road owns an electric fleet of 836 M7 and 170 M3 electric multiple unit cars, and a diesel and diesel-electric fleet consisting of 134 C3 bilevel rail cars powered by 24 DE30AC diesel-electric locomotives and 19 DM30AC dual-mode locomotives.

Does MTA own LIRR?

The LIRR is one of two commuter rail systems owned by the MTA, the other being the Metro-North Railroad in the northern suburbs of the New York area.

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