Was AJ Cronin a Catholic?

Cronin, a Catholic, said that he wrote from his own knowledge about religion. By 1958, the total sales of his books in the United States had passed the seven million.

What is the theme of when you dread failure?

A.J. Cronin, a medical doctor tells about his experience which helped him to overcome fear and depression. He explains how he learnt the all-important lesson that if one keeps on trying, even when all appears lost, victory may be wrested from defeat.

How does Cronin describe the general appearance of Mr John?

He had thin hair and a large forehead. He wore a dark suit, sober tie and rimless spectacles. All these gave him a look of seriousness and reservation.

What nationality is Cronin?

Cronin, derived from the Irish surname Ó Cróinín which originated in County Cork, and the Old Irish word crón, meaning saffron-colored.

How common is the last name Cronin?

Cronin is the 11,208th most commonly occurring family name at a global level It is held by approximately 1 in 145,504 people. This last name occurs predominantly in The Americas, where 50 percent of Cronin reside; 50 percent reside in North America and 49 percent reside in Anglo-North America.

Why did the author need to call his colleague to attend the surgical case?

Answer: When A. J. Cronin was a medical student, one of the senior surgeons used to belittle him at the surgery for trivial mistakes by saying “you will never be a surgeon.” This created fear in him and a sense of inferiority complex that whenever he had to do surgery, he would call a colleague for support.

How common is last name Cronin?

The surname Cronin is the 11,208th most frequently held surname throughout the world, held by around 1 in 145,504 people.

What does citadel literally mean?

A citadel is the core fortified area of a town or city. It may be a castle, fortress, or fortified center. The term is a diminutive of “city”, meaning “little city”, because it is a smaller part of the city of which it is the defensive core.

How many surgeries does a surgeon do in a lifetime?

In the United States, where the average American can expect to undergo seven surgical operations during her lifetime, each year at least 150,000 patients die and 1.5 million develop a major complication after surgery.

Are surgeons abusive?

Anecdotal tales of colorful temper tantrums and outbursts by surgeons directed at operating room nurses and at times other health care providers, like residents and fellows, are part of the history of surgery and include not only verbal abuse but also instrument throwing and real harassment.

Are there any citadels left?

The Citadelle of Québec (the construction was started in 1673 and completed in 1820) still survives as the largest citadel still in official military operation in North America. It is home to the Royal 22nd Regiment of the Canadian Army and forms part of the Ramparts of Quebec City dating back to 1620s.

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