Is Bilt Hamber any good?

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam is one of the best snow foams on the market. It’s almost unrivalled in terms of cleaning power and also offers great value for money.

Can I use soapy water with a clay bar?

An alternative to a spray detailing lubricant is good old soapy water. This is ideal if your paint is heavily contaminated. Be sure to rinse your wash mitt thoroughly and use a fresh bucket of soapy water, not what’s left over from washing. After claying one or two body panels, your clay will begin to look dirty.

Is claybar lube necessary?

Obviously, rubbing a clay bar with sand embedded will scratch the painted surface! It is also important to lubricate the surface and the clay bar before using. One can either use a quick detailer product or a water/automotive wash solution as a lubricant during the clay bar process.

Does Bilt Hamber Auto wash strip wax?

Costs just 12p-16p per wash! ‘Won Best Car Shampoo 2015’ from Auto Express magazine. Contains no colourants, waxes, perfumes or thickeners. Class-leading long-term anti-corrosive protection on steel.

Does Bilt Hamber touchless remove wax?

Auto-Foam is non-caustic and gentle on paintwork and will efficiently remove dry road film in touchless cleaning. Auto-Foam is safe for use on most surfaces treated with waxes and polishes.

Can clay bar scratch your car?

Since water tends to drag, it doesn’t allow the clay bar to smoothly glide around the surface of the car. This water drag can cause marring, scratching and other damage to the car.

Can you clay bar without polishing?

A fine grade clay bar on a soft clear coat can still leave plenty of marring that would require a light polish at the end. I guess if the marring doesn’t stick out and bother you then you don’t need to polish. You should always at least put down a coat wax after claying to protect the paint.

How do you remove clay bar marring?

Marring can be remove with a light abrasive polish. This can be a paint-cleanser, which can either have light abrasive or chemical polishing agents. These polishes remove the marring.

Can I clay bar then wax?

When Should You Use The Clay Bar? The detailer’s rule of thumb is to always decontaminate the surface with a clay bar before putting on a new coat of wax, or polishing any exterior paintwork. Those foreign particles block wax from sticking to the paint, making it last for a shorter time and not shine as bright.

How do you use a Bilt Hamber Surfex HD?

Surfex-HD is used on cool surfaces diluted from 1 part in 100 for light cleaning or use neat for maximum grease and oil removal. Saturate greasy surfaces leave for a few moments. Agitate heavy soil with stiff bristled brush. Rinse surface with clean water.

Is Bilt Hamber touch less ph neutral?

TOUCH-LESS also contains corrosion inhibitors. Packed in 5 litre pH ~12, contains no phosphates, solvents, NTA, or caustic soda. TOUCH-LESS is designed to allow for superior and simple application of our new paint protection product TOUCH-ON….Touch-less.

Name Price (per item) Buy
Touch-less £22.95 (per item) Out of Stock

What is the PH of Bilt Hamber Auto Foam?

Our thoughts: “Bilt Hamber Auto Foam has been designed to be a powerful snow foam pre wash while being wax safe, with a PH level of 13/14 you can be assured when diluting correctly this will not damage your existing layers of wax.

What does paint marring look like?

“Marring” is the term commonly used to describe shiny patches or polished areas that become evident when painted surfaces have been subjected to abrasion, possibly caused by cleaning or scrubbing to remove dirt or stains. Another term used to describe this same effect is “Burnishing”.

What causes micro marring?

Swirl marks are unsightly micro-marring on the surface of your car’s paintwork which can quickly deteriorate over time. They are fine scratches most commonly caused by wiping your car with a dry towel (typically when it’s dusty) or improper washing and detailing techniques.

Does Clay Bar hurt clearcoat?

Clay bars are abrasive so have the potential to damage paint by causing clear coat scratches, marring and swirls. You can minimise the risk by using a soft clay, plenty of lubrication and keep inspecting the clay for contaminants that may cause scratches.

Can isopropyl alcohol remove ceramic coating?

For years, the IPA wipedown has been the go-to solution for removing oils and silicones from polishing prior to applying a wax, sealant or ceramic nanocoating. Consisting of a solution of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water, it’s extremely common among pros and enthusiasts alike.

Does Bilt Hamber Surfex HD remove wax?

Bilt Hamber surfex-HD is a highly concentrated multi-purpose cleaner, and is an unbeatable choice for tackling neglected wheel arches, engine bays and undercarriage areas. It also excels at stripping previously applied sealants and waxes, and at general exterior cleaning duties when used at higher dilution rates.

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