How do I make a trade route in Anno 1404?

Anno 1404 adds the ability to set up buy or sell requests at each of your island’s warehouses. To set up these requests, just left-click on your warehouse and go to the bottom tab called ‘Trading place’. The icon for this tab is a crate with gold in it. Then hit the + to buy goods and the – to sell goods.

How do trade routes work anno 1800?

Trade routes are routes which use your own ships to transport goods between your islands or to automatically trade with islands of other players and characters. Each route can connect multiple islands, can transport several types of goods and use multiple ships. Goods are managed on trade routes via ships’ cargo slots.

How do you make patricians in Anno 1404?

Details. Patrician houses cannot be built directly but instead can only be upgraded from citizen houses. The total cost for a patrician house is three wood, one tool, and four stones which includes the price of of preceding citizen house.

How do I set up trade routes in Anno?

How to set up a trade route

  1. Click the Routes button on the bottom left near the map.
  2. Create Route.
  3. Select Trade Route.
  4. Assign a ship to the route.
  5. Select your island/base of operations.
  6. Click the “Load” button and choose what supplies to load onto the ship.
  7. Select the destination island.

How do you sell ships in Anno 1404?

Selling to the Corsairs If you see no further use for one of your ships, you can sell it to Hassan ben Sahid at his lair for half of its value. This requires a treaty with the Corsairs.

How do I buy a ship in Anno 1404?

Click on the ship directly in front of the harbor, Lord Northburgh portrait will popup in the right asking if you want to buy the ship for a small amount of coins. Usually between 3k – 5k in coins. Accept this offer and you will have your first flag ship.

How do commuter piers work anno 1800?

Commuter Piers can be built only in the Old World / Cape Trelawney. With the commuter pier your citizens can live on an other island then where they work. This effectively transforms your island workforce pool in a global workforce pool for all the islands of the same world area with a Commuter Pier.

How do I increase my prestige in Anno 1404?

Honor is used to gain Prestige. Prestige can only be gained by spending Honor or scrolls from Northburgh. These scrolls can be taken to the Vizier who will progress your rank up the Prestige track. Prestige is used to build more advanced Oriental Structures.

How do you get nobles in Anno 1404?

Key Population Thresholds ie. 1190 Patricians are required to unlock the Bailiff to get Noblemen. Since 25 Patricians live in each house, 48 Patrician houses are required. However, due to adhering to population portions, only 60% of all Citizens can become Patricians, and 20% of the total population must be Peasants.

What does full output storage mean in Anno 1800?

The storage is full beacuse the warehouse is full. They have no more room for stores so they close down work.

How do you get the gold ship in Anno 1404?

To obtain the Gold Ship achievement requires completing over fifty of the hardest achievements in the game and will take some time to accomplish.

How do you get prestige in Anno 1404?

How do I get more ships in Anno 1404?

You can buy ships from the corsair, just click on those currently anchored at his island. Originally posted by Ishbane: You can buy ships from the corsair, just click on those currently anchored at his island.

How do you increase production Anno 1800?

Items equipped in trade unions or harbourmaster’s offices can drastically change your production buildings. Some items simply increase the productivity, some decrease the maintenance or workforce needed but some can even alter the input and output of factories. Electricity doubles the productivity of your factories.

How do I increase my economy in Anno 1800?

Each farmhouse you construct earns a set amount of money at regular intervals, while upgrading that farmhouse to house higher population tiers increase that overall income. This means the best way to earn money in Anno 1800 is simply to build lots of houses.

How do you increase population Anno 1800?

Fulfilling basic needs increases the number of inhabitants in each house. Houses have to be full in order to advance them to higher population tiers so satisfying all basic needs is necessary. Fulfilling luxury needs makes your population happy and pay higher taxes in return.

How do you increase influence in Anno 1800?

You can increase the influence pool by increasing your global population and number of investor residences. Some DLCs offer additional ways of gaining influence or reducing its use.

How do you advance in Anno 1404?

To advance to the next class of population, the following requirements must be met:

  1. All needs must be met and in Green (Very Well Satisfied)
  2. Taxes must be set to their lowest possible value (Dark Green, resulting in Euphoric)
  3. There must be an adequate “base” or proportion of lower classes.
  4. The house must be full.

How do I use seeds in Anno 1404?

To add a new fertility you must purchase the appropriate seeds from either Northburgh or Al Zahir. Then socket the item in the island warehouse and activate it.

What are trade privileges Anno 1404?

The exact formula is: Trade privileges (Patricians): 60% of number of houses with citizenship + number of Envoys / 110. Essentially, you can only have so many patricians in your city and you can get more by having both more citizens in the Occident and more envoys in the Orient.

How do I move ships in Anno 1404?

Left click the ship. Then right click where you want it to move. Hope this helps!

How do you board a ship in Anno 1404?

On the ship panel on the right click on your active ship (can only do it on yours) and set it to the hook thing. Then you have to get right up next to the enemy ship and the targetting circle will fill with another circle, and once it’s full you can click to board.

How do you increase income in Anno?

The most noticeable way of how to make money quick in Anno 1800 is by doing quests. Other players will issue them from time to time but you can also ask for a quest from the Diplomacy Screen. Click the middle button below your minimap, select a player, click the Actions button on the left then Ask for Quest.

What are royal taxes in Anno 1800?

Tax rate for farmers is 17%, so royal taxes from farmers tier are 17% × 2000 = 340 coins. Tax rate for workers is 25%, so royal taxes from workers tier are 25% × 4500 = 1125 coins. Taxes from each tier are calculated separately and then added, in the end you pay 340 + 1125 = 1465 coins of royal taxes per minute.

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