Can I reuse my roller lifters with a new cam?

Because roller lifters don’t slide and generate a wear pattern, you can reuse those factory lifters on a brand-new cam and no one will accuse you of being a roller bonehead.

Can you put a roller cam in a SBC?

Early (pre-’87) small-blocks require a retrofit-style hydraulic-roller cam and valvetrain while most ’87-and-later small-blocks can use much, if not all, of the original roller-cam valvetrain.

Do I need to replace roller lifters with new cam?

Roller Camshafts New Roller Lifters are not always required for roller cams. If you are planning on reusing roller lifters, you should: Thoroughly clean and inspect each lifter. Be sure the needle bearings and axle are in good condition and roll smoothly.

Should I replace lifters when replacing cam?

The camshaft does not necessarily need to be replaced when replacing lifters, and often times is not. In the case of a 4 cylinder, especially, I would replace lifters without doing the camshaft since you can replace the lifters without removing the head.

What else should I replace when replacing camshaft?

If we’re installing a new camshaft and our camshaft has replaceable bearings, it’s a good idea to replace those bearings along with the camshaft. This can include lifters as well.

Why is a roller cam better?

The biggest reason is that the roller camshaft allows for a more aggressive profile with more civilized street manners, and it reduces internal friction because it takes more energy to turn a flat-tappet cam than it does a roller.

Can you just upgrade a camshaft?

Upgrading your camshaft is one of the most common and most efficient power upgrades you can do to your 22R/RE engine, however, what many people do not know is that there are a few things to consider if you are going this route.

Do roller cams need a break-in?

Breaking in an enigne with a roller camshaft is important. Metal particles are created during break-in. This is the biggest issue for the bearings in the roller lifter. Most camshafts come with specific break-in procedures.

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