Who is Margles in Adventure Time?

Margles was a Martian woman who was once King Man’s wife. As revealed in “You Forgot Your Floaties,” she was taken away by the powerful deity GOLB, which encouraged King Man, then called Magic Man, to create a defense system in her image (deemed Magical Automated Resistance Generating Laser Energy Supplier).

Is Magic Man Jake?

In this episode, when the Martian deity Grob Gob Glob Grod (voiced by Tom Gammill, Miguel Ferrer, Melissa Villaseñor, and Tom Kenny) comes to arrest Magic Man (voiced by Kenny) for his crimes, he uses his magic to disguise himself as Jake to escape his trial while having the real Jake take his place.

Why was Margles taken by GOLB?

It is revealed that GOLB attacked Mars at some point and “took” Magic Man’s wife, Margles. Grob Gob Glob Grod believes that GOLB will return and Magic Man agrees, using the threat of GOLB as a pretext for building a security system on Mars that takes the shape of Margles.

What is Betty Ice King mouth?

The interruption of the ceremony somehow transfers Magic Man’s sadness over to Betty, resulting in a mundane Magic Man, and a maddened Betty who teleports from the room, with a final shot of the neighbor’s pool at midnight, now holding a submerged Simon Petrikov who mouths the words “You Forgot Your Floaties,” a spine- …

Who is magic man’s wife?

Magic Man (his first identity) lived a normal life on Mars with his wife, Margles, and brother, Grob Gob Glob Grod.

Why do they say glob in Adventure Time?

“Seventeen”: Gumbald says “Oh my Glob” as a reference to Lumpy Space Princess.

How did Betty go insane?

In “Bespoken For,” it was revealed that Betty has gone mad since obtaining Magic Man’s powers. It is also revealed that she is now living in Magic Man’s house. However, unlike Simon she is only acting crazy but not losing her memory.

How come Jake can stretch?

It is inferred that Jake’s Stretchy Powers that he has had since he was a puppy are a result of his biological relationship with the shape-shifting creature although according to him (in the episode “The Witch’s Garden”), he rolled around in a magical mud puddle when he was a puppy then just became a magical dog.

Is Jake the dog colorblind?

In the comic short Laundromarceline, it is Jake who is colorblind, not Finn.

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