Where can I watch Ho-gu love?

Watch Hogu’s Love | Prime Video.

Who is the mastermind behind Revenge Note?

Ahn SeoHyun as Oh JiNa A first-year high school student of 17 years old. She is the owner of the app “Revenge Note” and solves issues.

Who sent the Revenge Note?

On a whole, the show is pretty entertaining. It is also pretty convincing as the actors are at their real high schooler age. The show ended without telling us who sent the Revenge Note to Goo Hee, but there are hints pointed at her older brother, Ho Goo Joon (Ji Gun Woo).

Who ends up together in Holo love?

Suddenly, she’s able to finally see her face again and hugs her mum, sobbing away. As we jump forward in time again, we see that Yoo-Jin is getting married to Chan-Sung in front of their family and friends. So-Hyeon looks at them happily but wishes Holo could be there.

Who is the father of the baby in Fool’s love?

Such as Ho-gu being determined that Kang-chul is the father, despite Do-hee and Kang-chul telling him he wasn’t over and over and over again, until he could only be convinced by documented evidence that Kang-chul was elsewhere at the time.

Who is the father of the child in Was it love?

Ae-jeong agrees to meet Dae-o and she confirms that he is the father. She reminds him about their last anniversary and that they had a huge fight. On the day of their anniversary, Ae-jeong realized she was pregnant after their fight. She resented the fact that she found out she was pregnant at that moment.

Are Sweet Revenge 1 and 2 connected?

Revenge Note 2) is a South Korean television series starring Ahn Seo-hyun, Samuel and Ji Min-hyuk. It is the sequel to the 2017 streaming television series Sweet Revenge which drew 11 million combined views.

Does Holo Love So Yeon?

Han So-yeon is a character in the Netflix Korean drama series My Holo Love. She beta-tests the Holo AI and falls in love with Holo.

Does So Yeon fall in love with Nan do?

All our key characters fall in love quite suddenly, and there’s honestly not enough context for that emotion to feel believable. For example, Nan Do (Yoon Hyun Min) is shown to love So Yeon (Go Sung Hee) quite suddenly, and no proper explanation is ever given, for how he gets there.

Who is Hanee dad?

We then cut back to where we left off with Dae-Oh revealing to everyone in the room that he is Ha-Nee’s father. After leaving the admin office, Ha-Nee speaks to Dae-Oh, thinking that he is pretending to be her dad to help them out.

What is the first scene of Love on Netflix?

The opening scene is x-rated Pre-warning, if you want to watch it, it’s very explicit! The scene is an explicit sex scene between the main character Murphy and an unknown woman. Then, it cuts to Murphy asleep next to his girlfriend and crying son. Viewers then realise that the sex scene was actually in his dream.

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