What is the population of Albury?

Albury is a regional city of New South Wale. The city has population of over 54,000 people. The city is located 554 km from Sydney and 326km from Melbourne. Albury is one of the top 10 most populated cities in NSW.

What is the population of Albury 2020?

The 2021 Estimated Resident Population for Cities of Albury and Wodonga is 98,940, with a population density of 133.9 persons per square km.

What is the most populated city in Australia 2020?

Sydney (5.367m)

  • Melbourne (5.159m)
  • Brisbane (2.561m)
  • Perth (2.125m)
  • Adelaide (1.360m) Gold Coast (709k) Newcastle (505k)
  • Canberra (431k) Geelong (282k)
  • Hobart (239k) Townsville (183k) Cairns (155k)
  • Darwin (147k) class=notpageimage|
  • Is Albury bigger than Wodonga?

    Cr Mack said as Albury, which has a population of about 52,400 in comparison to Wodonga’s population of about 40,000, was the larger city, it had traditionally had more retail and infrastructure development. “Albury has always been the bigger regional city … but Wodonga is growing,” he said.

    What is the population of Albury in 2022?

    The Albury City population forecast for 2022 is 56,898, and is forecast to grow to 67,427 by 2036. The Albury City population and household forecasts present what is driving population change in the community and how the population, age structure and household types will change each year between 2016 and 2036.

    Is Wagga Wagga bigger than Albury?

    For example, the LGAs of Wagga Wagga and Bendigo have larger populations than the centres as listed here, while Albury-Wodonga’s definition extends beyond the LGA to encompass a wider district. Some interesting points: The two largest cities account for 39% of all the nation’s population.

    What is the population of Wodonga 2021?

    The City of Wodonga Estimated Resident Population for 2021 is 43,186, with a population density of 99.83 persons per square km. The City of Wodonga is located in north-eastern Victoria, on the New South Wales border, about 300 kilometres north-east of the Melbourne CBD.

    What is the least populated city in Australia?

    Population density by city The least populated city in Australia is Darwin, with a population of 148,564 and a density of 703 people/sq km. Despite a population of 2.48 million, Brisbane only has a density of 145 people/sq km.

    Is Hobart or Launceston bigger?

    Launceston is the second largest city in Tasmania after Hobart. The city is also one of largest 50 cities by population in Australia. It is located 198 km from Hobart.

    What are the 5 largest cities in NSW?

    Largest cities by population in New South Wales

    Ranking Region Population
    1 Sydney, NSW 3,502,301
    2 Newcastle, NSW 279,975
    3 Central Coast, NSW 255,429
    4 Wollongong, NSW 228,846

    Is Albury a major city?

    Population. Albury Wodonga is the 20th largest city in Australia and one of the nation’s largest single regional inland communities.

    What is the population of Albury City growing?

    Between 2016 and 2036, the population for Albury City is forecast to increase by 15,262 persons (29.26% growth), at an average annual change of 1.29%. This table summarises the population for Albury City and each of its small areas. This enables you to see how population change is affecting different parts of the LGA in different ways.

    Where is Albury?

    More plausible is Albury in adjacent Surrey, straddling the Tillingbourne river and a significant 18th century site of mills and industry. By 1847 the Albury settlement included two public houses and a handful of huts, a police barracks and a blacksmiths.

    What is the traffic like in Albury?

    The overwhelming majority of local transport is by private car, however traffic is generally moderate. The opening of the Hume Freeway bypass on 4 March 2007, has greatly eased previous traffic congestion on the Lincoln Causeway, allowing vastly better flow between Albury and Wodonga.

    Who is the mayor of Albury?

    Retrieved 13 May 2019. ^ Krusche, Derrick (26 September 2016). “Kevin Mack elected Albury’s mayor, Amanda Cohn as deputy”. The Border Mail.

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