What is the CPT code for temporalis fascia graft?

Transcanal myringoplasty with temporalis fascia graft should be coded 41527-00 [313] Myringoplasty, transcanal approach.

What is the CPT code for fascia graft?

CPT® Code 20920 in section: Fascia lata graft.

What is the CPT code for Tympanoplasty with temporalis fascia graft?

We routinely bill 69631 (tympanoplasty) and 20922 (temporalis fascia graft).

What is a temporalis fascia graft?

Temporalis fascia, placed as an underlay graft, is commonly used to repair tympanic membrane perforations. Graft failure, however, is a well recognized complication.

How do you harvest temporalis fascia graft?

The temporalis fascia can be harvested using an endaural, retroauricular approach or by an additional superior laterally based skin incision. After hav- ing inserted the self-retaining retractors during the endaural approach, it is preferable to harvest the temporalis fascia to avoid readjustment of the retrac- tors.

What was CPT code 20926?

Tissue grafts
The American Medical Association (AMA) Specialty Relative Value Scale (RVS) Update Committee (RUC) identified code 20926, Tissue grafts, other (eg, paratenon, fat, dermis), as potentially misvalued.

Why temporalis fascia is used in Myringoplasty?

Since then myringoplasty surgery came a long way adopting various techniques and innumerable graft materials to close the tympanic membrane perforations. Autologous temporalis fascia is the most commonly used grafting material because of it convenient location and resistant to infection.

How do you harvest temporalis fascia?

What is procedure code 19380?

19380 Revision of reconstructed breast Revision of reconstructed breast (eg, significant removal of tissue, re-advancement and/or re-inset of flaps in autologous reconstruction or significant capsular revision combined with soft tissue excision in implant-based reconstruction.)

What is procedure code 19371?

CPT® 19371, Under Repair and/or Reconstruction Procedures on the Breast. The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code 19371 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range – Repair and/or Reconstruction Procedures on the Breast.

What is the difference between 19370 and 19371?

A CPT Assistant newsletter states “A capsulectomy (CPT code 19371) involves removal of the capsule. The implant is also removed and may or may not be replaced.” Therefore, CPT 19370 (capsulotomy) is included in 19328 when performed to remove the implant.

What is included in CPT 19380?

CPT code 19380, Revision of reconstructed breast involves revising an already reconstructed breast. The code includes repositioning the breast; making adjustments to the inframammary crease; making capsular adjustments; and performing scar revisions, fat grafting, liposuction, and so on.

What is CPT code S2068?

HCPCS code S2068 for Breast reconstruction with deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flap or superficial inferior epigastric artery (SIEA) flap, including harvesting of the flap, microvascular transfer, closure of donor site and shaping the flap into a breast, unilateral as maintained by CMS falls under …

What is CPT code 19316?

CPT® Code 19316 in section: Repair and/or Reconstruction Procedures on the Breast.

What is the CPT code for excision of temporalis fascia?

To give an example, that temporalis fascia graft for a tympanoplasty when harvested through a separate incision would be coded with CPT 15769 for “direct excision.”

Can the temporalis fascia graft be harvested separately from the tympanoplasty?

If the temporalis fascia graft is harvested through a separate donor incision, the harvesting should be reported separately from the tympanoplasty. THEN and NOW: Temporalis Fascial Graft.

What is the CPT code for fascial graft?

The March 2007 CPT Assistant indicated that code 69631 includes the work of harvesting the graft material. Therefore, code 69631 should be reported regardless of whether the graft was harvested through the same incision or a separate incision. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to report a separate code for the fascial graft.

What is the CPT code for graft harvesting?

Harvesting of the graft, whether through the same or separate incisions, used to be included in codes 69631 through 69646. However, the AMA issued further guidance in 2012 stating that a graft harvested through a separate incision is separately reportable. :See CPT Assistant article below

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