What is cross-tabulation in Stata?

Cross Tabulation. A crosstabulation or a contingency table shows the relationship between two or more variables by recording the frequency of observations that have multiple characteristics. Crosstabulation tables show us a wealth of information on the relationship between the included variables.

What does the C command do in Stata?

c(name) returns a string or real depending on the particular c() value requested. If name is an invalid name or contains a name for which no c() value is defined, returned is “”.

When two or more variables are involved in tabulation it is known as?

Cross tabulation allows us to look at the relationship between two variables by organizing them in a table. This is called bivariate analysis.

What does C variable mean in Stata?

continuous variable
Short reply: -i. – means categorical variable, whereas -c. – means continuous variable.

How a crosstab helps in establishing the relationships between two variables?

Cross tabulation is a method to quantitatively analyze the relationship between multiple variables. Also known as contingency tables or cross tabs, cross tabulation groups variables to understand the correlation between different variables. It also shows how correlations change from one variable grouping to another.

What does Bysort do in Stata?

by and bysort are really the same command; bysort is just by with the sort option. performs the generate by values of pid but first verifies that the data are sorted by pid and time within pid.

What is Egen in Stata?

The Stata command egen, which stands for extended generation, is used to create variables that require some additional function in order to be generated. Examples of these function include taking the mean, discretizing a continuous variable, and counting how many from a set of variables have missing values.

What is Bysort command in Stata?

by and bysort are really the same command; bysort is just by with the sort option. The varlist1 (varlist2) syntax is of special use to programmers. It verifies that the data are sorted. by varlist1 varlist2 and then performs a by as if only varlist1 were specified.

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