What is a proxy card in MTG?

A proxy card is used during competition to represent an otherwise legal Magic card or checklist card that can no longer be included in a deck without the deck being marked.

What does it mean if a card is proxy?

A proxy card is an easily acquired or home-made substitute for a collectible card. A proxy is used when a collectible card game player does not own a card, and it would be impractical for such purposes to acquire the card.

How do you tell if a MTG card is a proxy?

A proxy card will almost always have a different rosette pattern than a genuine card. It can be one that’s well done, but different nonetheless. When doing this test, it’s important to have a reference card from the same set to go back to, since genuine cards can have different patterns over the years.

Are proxies OK?

It’s also fine to use proxies for stuff you own to keep it in good condition or save the trouble of swapping between decks. However a lot of groups have an issue where once the floodgates of proxying stuff you don’t own is opened it becomes hard to control group power level and the arms race.

How can I make my own proxy?


  1. Create a proxy server in the administrative console by clicking Servers > Server Types > WebSphere proxy servers > New.
  2. Select the node on which you want the proxy server to reside.
  3. Enter a name for the new proxy server and click Next.
  4. The supported protocols HTTP and SIP are selected for you.

How to make free, high quality, MTG proxies?

Proxies are basically just homemade copies or stand-ins for MTG cards. There’s a pretty wide range for how to make a “proxy.”. Some people just write the name and abilities on a piece of paper covering a reversed card in a sleeve, some write the name of a card on the back of a bulk card like basic lands, and many people just print out the

How to make MTG proxies look real?

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  • How to create proxies for Magic The Gathering?

    How To Make Foil Proxies and Tokens for MTGYou can support the channel here : https://www.patreon.com/Doctor_MTG**DO NOT SALE Proxies.DO NOT USE Proxy Cards

    How to print proxies MTG?

    First,you want to build your deck and choose the versions of the cards you wish to print.

  • Next,if you’ve got your proxies exactly how you want them,click “Print” to prompt the print box.
  • After that,locate the box that lets you change your default printer.
  • After you’ve selected PDF as your print option,click print.
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