Is Xstrata owned by Glencore?

In the 2013 Forbes Global 2000, Xstrata was ranked as the 202nd largest public company in the world. On 2 May 2013 Xstrata was acquired by Glencore.

Who owns goedgevonden mine?

African Rainbow Minerals
The Goedgevonden Coal Mine is a coal mine located in Mpumalanga province in South Africa. The mine has coal reserves amounting to 200 million tonnes of coking coal, one of the largest coal reserves in Africa and the world….Goedgevonden mine.

Products Coking coal
Company African Rainbow Minerals

Does Russia have Glencore?

Glencore and Rusal have been long-time partners in the business, and its supply from Russia helped strengthen its position as the world’s largest metals trader. Rusal announced a $16 billion deal to sell aluminum to Glencore in 2020, which would allow it to sell about one-third of its production to the trader.

Is Glencore an ethical company?

The company has been accused of a string of failures, including taking advantage of the lack of governance in Democratic Republic of the Congo to exploit mining concessions, and failing to adhere to safety standards in mines there.

Where is Sasol coal mine located?

Our underground mining operations comprise the Mooikraal colliery near Sasolburg in the Free State, and the Bosjesspruit, Impumelelo, Shondoni, Syferfontein and Thubelisha collieries at Secunda in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Who are Xstrata Coal?

Xstrata are currently the operators of the Bulga Coal Mine in NSW, Australia. Xstrata have managed this mine on behalf of the Bulga Coal Pty Ltd shareholders since 2001 when it purchased Enex Resources Limited from Glencore International AG. The Bulga Coal mine site serves as the headquarters for Xstrata Coal’s NSW division.

What is the market capitalisation of Xstrata?

Xstrata had a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange and was a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. It had a market capitalisation of approximately £29 billion as of 23 December 2011, making it the 16th-largest company on the London Stock Exchange. It had a secondary listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Does Glencore own Xstrata?

Glencore International owns approximately 35% of Xstrata, which has substantial coal mining operations in Australia, South Africa, Canada and Colombia. On its website Glencore states that it “has a market advisory agreement with Xstrata with respect to its export Coal sales.

When did Xstrata acquire Falconbridge?

“Xstrata completed the acquisition of Falconbridge on 2 November 2006.” On 2 May 2013 ownership of Xstrata was fully acquired by Glencore International.

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