Is a ChatterBait the same as a bladed jig?

When you look at a bladed jig, it’s hard to figure out if it’s a version of a spinnerbait or a jig. The bladed jig first came on the bass fishing scene as the original ChatterBait. Featuring a jig body with a hexagon-shaped blade, the ChatterBait and its spin-offs have become a hit with the B.A.S.S.

Which ChatterBait is best?

The Jack Hammer is the best all-purpose ChatterBait in the line. It has premium components that most high-level tournament anglers prefer, including a high-quality Gamakatsu hook, wire bait keeper and strong line clip. Plus, it comes in sizes ranging from 3/8 to 1 1/4 ounce, so it can be fished in a lot of situations.

What is a bladed swim jig?

The bladed swim jig is a must-have bass lure that has earned its place inside the tackle boxes of nearly all bass anglers. With an added trailer, it’s an excellent searching presentation that can cover water and throw off heavy vibration that grabs attention and draws strikes.

Which is better chatterbait or spinnerbait?

The main difference between a spinnerbait vs chatterbait is grass. The chatterbait is an absolute killer in and around the grass. The prespawn stage where chatterbaits can come through the grass more easily than a lipless is a dream come true for chatterbait lovers.

What color is best for ChatterBait?

White is always a good color chatterbait For good reason, too. Almost all species of baitfish will resemble white in the water. So spinnerbaits, crankbaits, buzzbaits, and the like have a variety of different white patterns.

Should you use a trailer on a chatterbait?

A Chatterbait fished alone will catch lots of bass, but adding a soft plastic trailer will enhance your chances of catching even more fish.

What size should a chatterbait be to throw?

Chatterbaits of 1/2oz are the standard choice for areas 1 to 8 feet deep. You’ll have to downsize to 3/8oz or 1/4oz if the lure gets hung on the grass and structure. Upsize to 3/4oz to 1oz to reach below 10 feet. Your choice of color will depend on the seasonality and baits.

When should you use a chatterbait?

Also known as a vibrating jig or bladed jig, the chatterbait can be fished from late winter through the autumn months, with spring being the most productive time of the year. As long as you know how to fish a chatterbait for bass, you can have successful outings whenever you choose to hit the water.

When to use a spinnerbait over a vibrating jig and swim jig?

This article is more about when to use the spinnerbait over a vibrating jig and swim jig. Aside from off colored water, spinnerbaits are the top choice on sunny days whenever there is some chop on the water. Even if the water is crystal clear, a spinnerbait will produce like nothing else whenever it is fished appropriately.

What is the best swim jig for Big Bass?

Dirty Jigs: California Swim Jig. This is the best swim jig whenever fishing around giant bass. The hook will hold to to giant bass, heavy braid and thick cover.

What is the best chatterbait on the market?

Z-Man/Evergreen: Jackhammer. Arguably the best chatterbait on the market. Is a staple lure used by pros and fisherman all over the country. Perfect for the day to day vibrating jig fishing.

Is a spinnerbait a muddy water bait?

When it comes to muddy water a spinnerbait is in a league of it’s own. However, a spinnerbait is much more than just a muddy water bait. A spinnerbait’s ability to be fished at all the way throughout the water column makes it an extremely versatile lure.

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