How many SYNS are in filo pastry?

Filo pastry is much lower than puff or shortcrust pastry. Filo works out at approx 3.5 syns for 25g, raw puff pastry around 5 syns per 25g and shortcrust about 5.5 per 25g.

How many SYNS is a Lidl mince pie?

Lidl Deluxe Mini Mince Pies – 4 syns each These traditional mince pies are very reasonably sized, and have a delicious filling of spiced brandy mincemeat.

How many SYNS is a minced pie?

How Many Syns In Slimming World Mince Pies? – 2 Syns.

Are mince pies fattening?

Mince pies are high in calories, saturated fat and sugar because of the pastry case, as well as the suet and sugar in the mincemeat filling. If you’re baking your own, only use pastry for the base and leave the top open, just add a small star of pastry or use a lower-fat pastry, such as filo.

How many SYNS are mince pies on slimming world?

And how many Syns? If we’re getting really accurate here, there are 1.3 Syns in each of these Slimming World mince pies.

How many SYNS is puff pastry?

So how many Syns is in pastry? Well puff pastry clocks up 5 Syns per 25g, shortcrust 5.5, reduced fat pastry is 4.5 for the same amount, but Filo is just 3 for a 20g sheet.

How many SYNS are Aldi mince pies?

Recipe Notes – Choice of Fat: I use “Norpak Lighter” from Aldi which brings the pies out at 3.5 Syns per pie.

Is mince free on slimming world?

Mince is a really versatile food when you’re on a slimming diet. As you probably know, it’s free when you choose 5% fat beef, pork or turkey mince.

What are the healthiest mince pies?

Supermarket mince pies ranked from least to most sugar:

  • Lidl Deluxe All Butter Classic mince Pies (23.3g sugar)
  • Tesco Finest Mince Pies (23.7g sugar)
  • Tesco Mince Pies (23.7g sugar)
  • Asda Extra Special Luxury Mince Pies (24g sugar)
  • Iceland Luxury 6 All Butter Mince Pies (24.6g sugar)

When should you eat mince pies?

Why do we eat mince pies at Christmas? Mince pies were originally made to celebrate Jesus. They were oblong in shape to represent the manger that Jesus slept in as a baby and have a ‘pastry baby Jesus’ carved into the pastry. Traditionally one mince pie is eaten for the Twelve days of Christmas.

How many calories in home made mince pie?

There are 436 calories (1829kJ) in 100 grams of Mince pies, homemade, individual.

Can I have pastry on slimming world?

While you absolutely can have pastry pies on the Slimming World plan, choosing a potato-topped one can keep the dish really low in Syns or, even better, Free.

What is light puff pastry?

Jus-Rol’s ready rolled Light Puff Pastry Sheet has 30% less fat* but tastes as delicious as ever so it’s perfect for creating lighter midweek meals. No need for a rolling pin as this sheet is ready to use and even comes complete with baking paper so you can pop it straight into the oven.

Who has the best mince pies 2021?

Best mince pies

  • Aldi Specially Selected All Butter Mince Pies. £1.49 for 6, 25p a pie.
  • Iceland Luxury All Butter Mince Pies. £1.89 for 6, 32 a pie.
  • M&S Collection Mince Pies.
  • Morrisons The Best All Butter Deep Filled Mince Pies.
  • Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Mince Pies.
  • Tesco Finest All Butter Pastry Mince Pies.

What pasta can you eat on Slimming World?

At Slimming World, we don’t believe in cutting out food groups. In fact, potatoes and dried plain pasta, rice, noodles and couscous are all Free Foods, which means that you can eat as much of them as you like! If you fancy some quick, comforting carbs, our healthy pasta and rice recipes will hit the spot.

Which are best mince pies 2021?

Can you buy low fat mince pies?

Tesco’s standard mince pies have the lowest fat content, with 8.5g of fat per pie (joint-lowest with Sainsbury’s All Butter) of which 3.8g is saturated.

What country eats the most mince pies?

the UK
In total, the UK will eat a staggering 781,177,935 mince pies in total this Christmas. Leeds came second in the survey, with locals set to eat 16 mince pies, followed by Birmingham and Bristol.

What cream goes with mince pies?

Creme fraiche Supremely light and kissed with a lactic tang, creme fraiche is the hot mince pie’s most elegant cooling counterpoint. Single or double cream Either will grease the wheels, so to speak. Custard There is something magical about the contrast between hot mince pie and cold cream on the same plate.

How many carbs are in homemade mince pies?

Mince Pie (1 serving) contains 41g total carbs, 41g net carbs, 26g fat, 11g protein, and 455 calories.

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