Why is my kitchen tap dripping?

The issue is usually the rubber seals – limescale can form on them over time or they may become leaky due to material wear. These seals or O-rings can be replaced quickly and easily. In modern single lever mixers, the built-in cartridge inside the tap may also be the cause of the dripping tap.

How do you stop a tap dripping on a mixer tap?

How to Fix a Leaking Mixer Tap

  1. Turn Off Your Water Supply.
  2. Remove Plastic Cap/Cover.
  3. Remove the Grub Screw & Handle.
  4. Remove Chrome Dress Ring & Retaining Nut.
  5. Replace the Cartridge.
  6. Reassemble the Mixer & Turn On Water Supply.

When should I replace my o-ring?

once a year
A good rule of thumb is to replace your O-Rings once a year.

Are Franke taps reliable?

Franke are a well-known appliance brand and their sinks and taps are particularly high-quality.

Why is my Franke Olympus tap dripping?

3 main causes as to why your Franke Olympus Tap dripping : 1. Franke Olympus Tap dripping from the Spout: Most likely you need to change the valves (one or both), and / or the brass bush ring, (but usually its just the valve) hot or cold.

What spare parts are available for the Franke Olympus tap?

We only stock the Franke Olympus Tap spare parts ‘currently’ being used in the manufacture of the Franke Olympus Tap, Franke Olympus Filterflow Tap , Franke Olympus Side Spray and Franke Specialist Spring Tap as per the current technical specifications (1427R/3561R).

How do I Stop my Olympus tap leaking?

If your Olympus Tap is leaking from the Hot side then usually replacing the hot valve will solve this. It is a little bit trickier if your Olympus Tap is dripping from the cold side – which is dripping – filtered cold or mains cold or both?

Why is my Franke tap leaking at base?

If your Franke Tap leaking at base then you probably need to replace the O Rings. Different Franke Taps take different O Rings. If you go to our Franke Spare Parts Section here and select your Franke Tap (based on the pictures) and click on the link this will bring you to the O Ring Kit that is suitable for your Franke Kitchen Tap.

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