Who struck first in the six day war?

Israel initially claimed that it had been attacked by Egypt first, but later stated that its airstrikes had been preemptive; the question of which side caused the war remains one of a number of controversies relating to the conflict….Six-Day War.

Date 5–10 June 1967 (6 days)
Result Israeli victory

Why did Israel invade Egypt in 1967?

In May 1967, following misinformation about Israeli intentions provided by the Soviet Union, Egypt expelled UN peacekeepers who had been stationed in the Sinai Peninsula since the Suez conflict, and announced a blockade of Israel’s access to the Red Sea (international waters) via the Straits of Tiran, which Israel …

How does Egypt make money?

Egypt’s economy relies mainly on agriculture, media, petroleum imports, natural gas, and tourism. Note: Top 3 trade partners are calculated by imports + exports.

What happened to UNSCOP?

The United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) has completed its task within the limited period of three months fixed by the General Assembly. This has entailed great pressure of work. Every effort has been made to avoid, as far as possible, unforgivable errors and lacunae.

How is the cask of Amontillado an interior monologue?

In his short story “The Cask of Amontillado, ” Edgar Allan Poe reveals in the first paragraph the primary motivation, as well as the thoughts that twist and turn in the mind of the character, Montresor. Stylistically, it is an interior monologue in that Poe provides no grammatical markings to Montresor’s narrative.

How long did it take UNSCOP to complete its report?

It took UNSCOP exactly two and a half months to complete its Report. It met in the conference room on the first floor of the Palais des Nations in Geneva where they signed the official Report on the last hour of the last day of August 1947, just minutes before its term of office expired.

What was UNSCOP’s report on partition?

UNSCOP’s Report included a Majority Proposal for a Plan of Partition with Economic Union and a Minority Proposal for a Plan for a Federal State of Palestine.

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