Where is Alonso de Ojeda?

After the failure of his journey to Nueva Andalucía, Ojeda did not mount any further expeditions and he renounced his position as governor. He lived out the last five years of his life in Santo Domingo. He later withdrew to the Monasterio de San Francisco where he died in 1515.

Who was the conquistador of Venezuela?

Spanish expeditions led by Columbus and Alonso de Ojeda reached the coast of present-day Venezuela in 1498 and 1499.

When was Alonso de Ojeda born?

1468Alonso de Ojeda / Date of birth

What was Alonso de Ojeda known for?

together with the Spanish explorer Alonso de Ojeda, explored the north coast of South America from Suriname to the Golfo de Venezuela. His lively and embellished description of these lands became popular, and Waldseemüller, on his map of 1507, gave the name America to the southern part of the continent.

Who lived in Venezuela first?

There were three main groups: the Carib, Arawak, and the Chibcha. They lived in small groups and all of them practiced some degree of farming; the land, however, was bountiful enough so that this was not always a necessity.

Do they speak English in Toledo Spain?

Although Spanish is the language of the land, English, French and German are generally understood at most attractions, museums, hotels and restaurants that cater for visitors. Castilian Spanish is the official language but in the regions, Basque, Catalan and Galician are spoken.

What is a nickname for Venezuela?

Christopher Columbus was so enthralled by Venezuela’s landscape, when arriving to its coast in 1498, that he referred to the land as Tierra de Gracia (Land of Grace), which has become the country’s nickname.

What does chilito mean in Spanish?

Well, in traditional spanish, “chilito” means “small pepper”… “Gordita” DOES, however, mean little fat girl in just about any dialect of spanish. It’s also a term of endearment in some spanish cultures (puerto rico, for example).

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