When should I use my super cardioid mic?

When close-miking sound sources, a supercardioid microphone will really focus on what it is pointed at. This makes it an excellent choice when recording instruments in close proximity or when trying to isolate a particular source in a loud environment.

Are shotgun microphones hypercardioid?

In simple terms, a shotgun is a much more directional mic than a hypercardioid. Almost like an audio telescope of sorts. Shotgun usually used for video work, as a camera-mounted or pole-mounted mic to capture distant talent voice and related audio. Hypercardioid is most often a live music vocal mic.

Is a shotgun mic hypercardioid?

Shotgun microphones fall into a category called “high-directionality microphones.” They are more directional than a typical cardioid or supercardioid microphone.

What microphone pattern is best?

The traditional cardioid pattern is perfect for a solo presenter talking into a mic. It’s the most common microphone polar pattern you’re likely to find in your search for a mic.

What is hypercardioid pickup pattern?

A hypercardioid microphone has a very directional hypercardioid polar/pickup pattern. It is most sensitive to on-axis sounds (where the mic “points”) with null points at 110° and 250° and a rear lobe of sensitivity. Hypercardioid mics are popular in film due to their high directionality.

Do cardioid mics pick up background noise?

Cardioid Microphones The back of the mic is designed to be less sensitive to noise, which helps to eliminate unwanted background sounds.

Why would you choose a cardioid over an Hypercardioid as a stage vocal mic?

In general, stage microphones should usually be unidirectional, with a Cardioid (or Hypercardioid or Supercardioid) polar pattern. “Cardioid” refers to the heart-shaped graph that represents this pattern. It rejects bleed from other voices and instruments. This helps keep unwanted sound from coming through your mic.

Is shotgun super cardioid?

Are shotgun microphones Hypercardioid?

How does cardioid and supercardioid differ?

Cardioid polar pattern. The most common unidirectional pattern is the cardioid.

  • Subcardioid polar pattern. Subcardioids,sometimes called “wide cardioids,” are only slightly more directional than omnidirectional mics and slightly less directional than cardioids.
  • Supercardioid.
  • Hypercardioid.
  • What is the difference between cardioid and supercardioid microphones?

    – Cardioid pickup pattern: Insulation from other on-stage signals – Neodymium ferrous magnet with boron: Keeps microphone stable regardless of climate – Made in Germany – Metal construction: Rugged and reliable – 10 year warranty

    What is a super cardioid polar pattern?

    The supercardioid polar pattern, like the closely related hypercardioid, is known for its increased directionality over the standard cardioid pattern and its rear lobe of sensitivity.

    What is cardioid pattern?

    The most common microphone polar pattern, and the one used by every PreSonus condenser microphone is called “cardioid.” The word “cardioid” is derived from the Greek word for “heart.” A cardioid polar pattern means the microphone primarily picks up sound within an area that is roughly heart-shaped when shown on a two-dimensional graph.

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