Whats a good snorkel brand?

Best Snorkels

  • Best Overall: Scubapro Escape Semi-Dry.
  • Best Value: Cressi Supernova Dry.
  • Best for Kids: Cressi Mini Dry.
  • Best for Long Snorkel Sessions: Mares Ergo Dry.
  • Best for Travel: Aqua Lung Nautilus Travel.
  • Low-Draf Snorkel: SalviMar Bite Air.
  • Best for Choppy Water: Oceanic Ultra-Dry 2.

Is there a snorkel that lets you breathe underwater?

The Scorkl holds enough air to let you breathe underwater for up to 10 minutes, and can be reused time and time again, simply by being pumped up. The device could transform holidays by opening up the underwater world to people who don’t have a diving licence.

How far underwater can you go with a snorkel?

With snorkel masks, you can descend up to six feet underwater without issue. However, your snorkel mask may fill up with CO2 and make it difficult to breathe. As a result, you shouldn’t go deeper than six feet or even stay in the water for more than 25-30 minutes.

Is US divers and Aqua Lung the same company?

Aqua Lung America (formerly U.S. Divers Company) is an American company based in Vista, California which makes scuba equipment. The company is a division of Aqua Lung International, which was, for most of its existence, a division of Air Liquide.

What happened to us divers?

Aqua Lung International was sold by Air Liquide to Montagu Private Equity by the end of 2016. After U.S. Divers Company was renamed Aqua Lung America, the name U.S. Divers was retained as a trademark for Aqua Lung’s line of snorkelling equipment.

When did US divers become Aqualung?

Around 2003, U.S. Divers Company was renamed Aqua Lung America after La Spirotechnique changed its name to Aqua Lung International. The U.S. Divers name is maintained as a trademark for Aqua Lung’s line of snorkelling equipment.

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