What is an IPR on a Ford truck?

Product Description. The Injector Pressure Regulator (IPR) Valve regulates the oil bypass circuit of the high pressure oil pump. It is an electromagnetic valve that opens and closes to allow high pressure oil into the injectors.

What does IPR valve do?

General Information: A Powerstroke engine utilizes an electromagnetic valve to regulate the high pressure oil pressure on the engine to tailor the injection characteristics of the injectors. This valve is called the Injection Pressure Regulator or IPR.

How much does an IPR valve cost?

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What controls the IPR valve?

7.3 Powerstroke IPR General Info: It is controlled by the injection pressure regulator (IPR), the injection control pressure (ICP) sensor and the strategy in the power train control module (PCM).

What is an IPR solenoid?

An IPR consists of two main parts: a pilot operated valve and an electromagnetic actuator. Each part has been known to give trouble. The electromagnetic actuator is in the end the solenoid was on. The pilot operated valve is the brown end. To service the unit, first separate the pilot valve from the actuator.

What is an IPR sensor?

The IPR valve and ICP sensor work together as part of a feedback cycle to control the oil pressure to the injectors in the HEUI fuel system. The ICP reports the actual pressure to the PCM which then makes an adjustment in the position of the IPR valve to bring actual pressure into sync with desired pressure.

Where is the IPR valve on a 2003 6.0 Powerstroke?

The IPR valve is located in the output circuit of the high pressure oil pump (HPOP).

What should IPR be while cranking?

This should also remain above 10 volts when cranking. The RPM PID should be above 150 RPM (I like to see above 160), but this depends on the temperature of the engine. If the temperature is down to near 0˚F, your cranking will be slower. The ICP voltage is very important.

What is IPR sensor?

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